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‘Fortnite’ might roll out Locker Loadouts feature and reintroduce a controversial weapon back into the game

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“Fortnite” remains one of the most popular games around as evidenced by its appeal even after more than 10 seasons. Due to its longevity, however, long-time players of the Epic Games title are facing one huge problem – how to sort out their huge inventory of skins and other cosmetic items inside their Lockers.

The “Fortnite” Locker is a tab within the game showing the various items players have accumulated over the seasons. It is where players will find their back bling, weapon wraps, skins and other items purchased in the past and those earned as Battle Pass rewards, according to Slash Gear.

Last year, Epic added a cool feature that allows players to search a particular item amongst their messy storage using text. This year, it seems that the developer is planning to introduce an even better Locker management tool.

The new “Fortnite” feature will be called Locker Loadouts. “I'm kinda late, but Locker Loadouts are coming soon, you can also give the loadout a name and you can favorite loadouts!” HYPEX - Fortnite Leaks & News @HYPEX tweeted.

The Locker Loadout feature is basically a tool that adds presets into the game. One can choose an entire loadout, which may include an entire set of skin, weapon wrap, back bling and more, and save the entire collection as a single present. This could mean that donning the entire selection of gear will be as easy as loading a preset previously saved.

If this “Fortnite” feature gets launched, it would surely become a hit among players especially those who have already accumulated tons of items in their Lockers. Switching items manually is a time-consuming task and the Loadout feature would be a welcome addition.

Meanwhile, a new leak suggests that the Guided Missile could be back in town. When the weapon was first introduced in March 2018, it was deemed too powerful that Epic Games had to nerf it down, according to Dexerto.

But after it got nerfed, the Guided Missile was rarely used by players. As a result, it was removed by April 2018.

But it appears that the Guided Missile is about to make a comeback based on recent leaks. The leak came from Reddit user xXCBRYC3Xx who posted images of the weapon from the game files.

“Epic could be adding it back into Creative, or bringing it to the ‘High Explosives’ LTM,” Dexerto wrote. Considering that it was quite bug-prone when it first appeared, Epic Games might have made some fine-tunings to the missiles this time.

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