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Ford acquires Electriphi EV charging and energy management platform

Photo by: Nadine Shaabana/Unsplash

Ford Motor announced on Thursday that it acquired Electriphi, a company that provides charging management and monitoring software for electric vehicles. The purchase is said to have been made as the automaker’s goal is to make 40% of its vehicles electric mobiles by the year 2030.

Ford’s move to buy the EV charging solution depot

Ford Motor has a strong list of commercial fleet operators and these are an important part of Ford’s customer base as well as its plan to have a more solid financial foothold. These are also the key to make the company’s aim of selling EVs successful.

However, it is not easy to shift from gas to electric. The method is not simple and it also takes longer to charge an electric vehicle than to refuel at a gas station. These are part of the reason why Ford purchased Electriphi, as it can help provide solutions for these predicaments, as per Reuters.

It was said that the start-up San Francisco-based company has a platform that can help track the real-time status of vehicles, chargers and maintenance. It can also provide fleet electrification services. While the agreement between Ford Motor and Electriphi has been signed already, the terms of their deal were not disclosed to the public.

The acquisition is expected to be completed this month and from then, Ford can now start offering depot charging solutions for customers who are switching their fuel-powered vehicles to electric with electric batteries.

Ford’s acquisition is a first step to offer more services related to EVs

It was reported that once the acquisition is fully completed, Electriphi will become part of Ford Pro, the Michigan-based carmaker’s unit that exclusively caters to commercial and government clients.

“As commercial customers add electric vehicles to their fleets, they want depot charging options to make sure they’re powered up and ready to go to work every day,” Ted Cannis, Ford Pro’s chief executive officer, said in a press release. “With Electriphi’s existing advanced technology IP in the Ford Pro electric vehicles and services portfolio, we will enhance the experience for commercial customers and be a single-source solution for fleet-depot charging.”

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