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Elon Musk Confirms No Model Y Refresh for 2024, Tesla Launches New Model Y Variant in U.S.

Tesla launches a new Model Y configuration in the U.S. amid refresh rumors.

Elon Musk confirmed there will be no Model Y refresh in 2024, despite rumors to the contrary. Meanwhile, Tesla has introduced a new Long-Range Rear-Wheel-Drive Model Y configuration in the U.S., priced at $44,990 with an estimated range of 320 miles.

Musk Confirms No Model Y Refresh in 2024, Introduces New Long-Range Variant in U.S.

According to Teslarati, Tesla informed its sales advisors in North America in February that a Model Y refresh would not be available this year. This decision left some customers optimistic that the Model Y could be released in other markets before the Model 3 refresh launch. Musk has reaffirmed that assertion, asserting that a Model Y revision will not be introduced this year in any market.

In a post on X on June 8, Musk denied that a Model Y "refresh" would be released this year in response to a rumor that the simplified vehicle design would be available by the end of the month. Musk also observed that Tesla's electric vehicles (EVs) are perpetually enhanced through software updates, implying that even a car purchased today will be marginally superior to those sold six months ago.

Reuters has reported Tesla's intentions to refurbish the Model Y like the recently upgraded Model 3 for the past few years. Musk and Tesla responded directly to the recent reports, noting that the refreshed Model Y would still be a way out despite the reports following the discovery of the oncoming Model 3 refresh.

Tesla's Model Y was recognized as the world's best-selling vehicle last year, irrespective of its powertrain. Last month, Tesla introduced a new entry-level variant of the car, the Model Y RWD Long Range, which officially replaced the previous base model and added approximately 60 additional miles of range.

Tesla Introduces New Long-Range Model Y in U.S., Offering Extended Range and Improved Pricing

Early last month's report, Tesla introduced a new Model Y configuration in the United States with a slightly higher price tag and an extended range.

Tesla has introduced the new Long-Range Rear-Wheel-Drive configuration in the United States, as observed on Friday night on the company's order configurator. This configuration is priced at $44,990 and has an estimated range of 320 miles. The previous RWD configuration was priced at $42,990, which was $2,000 less than the new specification and capable of going only 260 miles.

Furthermore, the new variant has supplanted the previous RWD option, making it the most cost-effective Model Y trim option in the United States.

The federal $7,500 tax credit and additional state and local incentives are also available to purchasers of the new Model Y trim, contingent upon their location.

Tesla introduced the new RWD LR variant in select European countries earlier this year; however, it must be included in the order configurators for Canada or Mexico. In contrast to the United States, where it has been introduced as a replacement, the LR RWD was introduced in those countries in addition to the base RWD, which is fascinating.

In the United Kingdom, a comparable Model 3 LR RWD was also introduced as a fleet vehicle last year; however, it was exclusively accessible to commercial consumers.

On May 3, Tesla introduced the Quicksilver paint color option for the Model Y, initially announced by the advanced paint shop at its Gigafactory Berlin. The configuration was also introduced following Tesla's recent price reductions on its Model Y, Model S, and Model X in the United States.

The Tesla Model Y accounted for over one-third of all battery-electric vehicle (BEV) sales in the United States last year and in Q1. Furthermore, it was the most popular vehicle in the world last year, as JATO Dynamics data and a recent "mobile advertisement" towed by a Cybertruck by Tesla have both indicated.

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