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‘Doom Patrol’ Season 2 Renewal: Will the Spin-Off Series Return? Cast, Plot, Release Date Predictions

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“Doom Patrol” season 2 is expected to follow once the first season concludes on May 24. The good news is that the second installment is already confirmed as it appears that DC Comics has big faith in the superhero drama.

According to Fandom Wire, “Doom Patrol” season 2 is in the works now, and filming is even on schedule for this year as well. However, DC Comics and Warner Bros. have yet to make an announcement to make it official. The renewal was said to have been made even before the first season started airing in February.

“Doom Patrol” season 2 is a spinoff of the DC Universe original series “Titans.” Jeremy Carver, who is also a co-showrunner in The CW’s “Supernatural,” developed this superhero series for TV. He described the characters in this show as a group that supports the main DC superhero team.

Moreover, the protagonists in “Doom Patrol” season 2 have superpowers but were at first reluctant to use their abilities as they are a bunch of isolated individuals who feel that the world has long shunned them.


“Doom Patrol” season 2 will pick up from where season one will conclude. By this time, the superheroes are used to their mission to save the world already. Though they have been scarred and traumatized by ugly events in their lives, they have accepted their fate as they have found their purpose to protect the Earth and the humankind.


“Doom Patrol” season 2 will definitely return with its original cast that include April Bowlby (Elasti-Woman), Joivan Wade (Cyborg), Matt Bomer (Negative Man), Brendan Fraser (Robotman), Diane Guerrero (Crazy Jane), Timothy Dalton (Dr. Niles Caulder/Chief) and Alan Tudyk (Eric Morden / Mr. Nobody).

Release Date

The series debuted its first season in February this year, and since it was mentioned that filming for the sequel is set to begin in June, the best prediction for its release date is in February 2020. OtakuKart also suggested this date based on the premiere of season one.

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