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'Domestic Girlfriend' season 2 release date, spoilers: Fast-paced season 1 hints at no anime series renewal?

From the promo video of “Domestic Girlfriend” anime adaptation | Photo credit: DMM pictures/YouTube screenshot

It is still a mystery if “Domestic Girlfriend” season 2 would ever be produced. But to some fans, the pace at which the manga was animated in season 1 is enough proof that producers were never planning to release a second season.

Many avid manga fans have one common complaint about season 1, and that was the pace of the chapters’ adaptation. Many felt that anime debut of the series was rushed in terms of story-telling. Even though the first 12 episodes captured the main storyline of the series, manga readers claimed the anime skipped on many important parts that are crucial to understanding the development of the characters.

'Domestic Girlfriend' season 2: Renewed or canceled?

Fans who were not familiar with the manga series have apparently liked the anime and have since been asking about “Domestic Girlfriend” season 2. But manga readers believed that the pacing of season 1 was another proof that the 12-episode production’s only intention was to introduce the manga to a broader audience, and there are no plans for season 2.

However, it should be noted that no official source has confirmed that “Domestic Girlfriend” season 2 will never be produced. For now, it is also just speculation mostly coming from those who did not like the way the manga was animated. But they do have a point about the anime’s awkward pacing. By the season finale (episode 12), the anime was already narrating events from chapter 76 and even skipped the crucial part of Natsuo and Hina’s farewell scenes.

Whether or not “Domestic Girlfriend” season 2 will be produced, anime-only fans are advised to read the manga series to fully understand what went down in Hina and Natsuo’s sudden breakup and separation. Meanwhile, the truth remains that there are still so many story arcs that could be covered if the producers decide to make season 2.

'Domestic Girlfriend' season 2 plot: What to expect

Natsuo and Rui will be going through intense character development arcs in the chapters that could be covered in “Domestic Girlfriend” season 2. Natsuo will try to cope with Hina’s departure by focusing on his dream of becoming a well-paid writer.

He will eventually start meeting other people leading to his next relationship with a girl named Misaki. Fans who are rooting for Rui will also enjoy the stories that would be included in “Domestic Girlfriend” season 2.

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