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Does my auto insurance cover rental cars?

Renting a car looks to be very essential when you are going for a trip or a business meeting. Renting a car can acquire rental car insurance to circumvent the hassles after an accident. Suggesting rental car insurance after renting a car by the auto insurance company is probably because you can put aside yourself after getting the rental car insurance. Before going on a trip, you should obtain statistics about the coverage of your car most cases, it is possible to avail the coverage of personal car insurance as rental car insurance. The accessibility of personal car insurance to obtain coverage for rental car differentiate from state to most cases getting rental car insurance is xeroxing of coverage that you have already. A fast, free quote is an estimate to pay a premium for liability coverage.

Rental car insurance counterbalance the following coverage

Liability coverage covers the cost of other drivers' property. Liability coverage fulfills the cost of all medical outlay and this coverage also consummate the property vandalization which occurred during a misfortune. The personal auto insurance policy also attains the same prospectus as attained by the rental car insurance. To accomplish safety measures, a collision damage waiver is mandatory to obtain because when you proceed for a trip and during traveling, there is an accident that happened in which you are looking to be responsible for this. collision damage waiver reimburses the expenditures of the other person's impairment. collision damage waiver helps to rid yourself of the financial expenses but this waiver requires some fee to obtain. many rental insurance companies provide this service to the client by paying almost 20 -30 dollars a day. Few credit cards also contain these types of coverage to attain. We face trouble because of the callowness about renting a car. Many car insurance policies bemuse and bewilder many people due to their comprehensiveness and difficulty in understanding. Renting a car has been articulated to the auto insurance company because with liability coverage it can be an anguish experience. After all, the arbitrator decides against you if you are found responsible for this misconception.

Some rental car insurance companies offer another coverage for the personal loss against the loss or theft from the rental car. This coverage will accomplish the loss of suitcases, skis which you are carrying for the trip. The coalition of rental car insurance and personal car insurance coverage will accord you maximum coverage to save yourself from the financial issue at the time of the accident. Many people think that a collision damage waiver covers all the damage during the accident and there is no need to inform the insurance company about the accident, but this indolence might consider a worse consequence of the accident. Concluding the result, you should inform the insurance company after the misfortune. Collision damage waiver is not insurance, it is just a waiver because insurance is issued by the state in which state has the responsibility to give liability coverage. Personal accident insurance covers all the medical expenses of yourself and the passengers present in the vehicle. Getting a corporate travel policy benefits you if you are a recurring traveler for business because it will provide you with some extra coverage.

How to get rental car insurance

Insurance companies do not cover all of your damages. If you do not have personal car insurance, you should try to counterpart the liability coverage and collision damage waiver by adopting the rental car insurance. If you have the offer of availing of the collision damage waiver through the credit card, it should be your priority to apply for it to get its approval, and you should get liability coverage from the rental car insurance company. During deciphering the coverage availability, ask your credit card company to get complete comprehension about the terms and conditions and their range to cover different types of coverages. Most credit card companies cover only collision and comprehensive coverage and leave you alone for uninsured about liability. Cryptic policies of the rental car insurance might be a delirious act at the time of clearance. Therefore, you should read the terms and conditions of the policies carefully to save both parties from denunciations. there have been many limitations to using your credit card to get coverage because many companies provide coverage if you attain the services of certain car insurance companies. Limitation of days is another factor because many companies allow you to get services for a limited time. Many companies concoct this issue but they offer another program to attain which has been mandatory with this coverage. Another limitation is to use specific vehicles to get the collision damage waiver. When you accomplish an accident or theft of the car, immediately get out of your camera and take some pictures of all the damages to provide as proof during the investigation.

Limitations of rental car insurance

Credit card’s collision damage waiver includes vehicles damages theft and towing, but it excludes many things like injury to anyone present inside or outside the vehicle. Theft or loss of commodities belonging to a particular person does not include in the collision damage waiver. This waiver does not cover the financial burden indicted during an accident due to using drugs or alcohol. If you have been renting a car for more than 15 days in the country or 30 days outside the country, you could not be able to get coverage because it exceeded the time limit as provided you mentioned in the policy.


Renting a car is articulated to its results when you are involved in an accident for which you are responsible. Before renting a car make auxiliary steps to save yourself from the unwanted financial burden. If you have personal car insurance, consult with your insurance company to determine its limitations of coverage and there is no need to get rental car insurance or collision damage waiver through an insurance company. Ask the insurance company agent to clear all the cryptic terms and conditions.

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