Digital Currency Revolution Series: Tech Giants Turning-out To Be FinTech Veterans

The lingering prospects among the Blockchain/FinTech space has led the keen interest continues to mount everywhere, reputed institutions from Big 4 auditing firms to the central banks of advanced economies have been investing into R&D projects of blockchain and cryptocurrency gamut. 

Companies like Facebook and Google venture into the gamut of digital finance simultaneously when decentralized finance (DeFi) products are gaining in popularity. DeFi projects such as InstaDApp, Compound, and dYdX, targeted to enhance the scope of financial services to the users across the globe, though do so with the promise of remaining non-invasive of users’ data and privacy.

Predominantly, the COSIMO X project concentrates on deep tech companies ranging industries from blockchain, artificial intelligence, AR/VR, IoT, and cybersecurity.

SWIFT’s collaboration with tech companies who develops DLT has been keenly observed by the entire crypto community. The attempt of establishing an interface between SWIFT's overseas payments gateway with R3's Corda Settler platform improves the processing and continuous tracking of payment cycle.

It is quite known that Fintech has been one of the swiftly growing sectors. Fintech gamut symbolizes the progressive enterprises that leverage cutting edge technology to bring-in friendly financial products and solutions that are quite far more agile and pioneering compared to traditional financial institutions.

Google has now made announcement of its partnership with Citigroup through which it will start offering checking accounts to customers in 2020, as per the sources of WSJ.

It is referred to as “smart checking accounts,” users who sign up can link their accounts to their Google Pay digital wallets.

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