Digital Currency Revolution Series: Rolls Out Crypto-App For iOS Models

We witnessed quite a few important factors in the recent past on technical and regulatory grounds that are very essential for cryptocurrencies’ to gain mainstream adoption. Apple Inc who seemed little conservative at the beginning, has now set-in some guidelines to their users who develops "trading and mining of fugitive cryptocurrencies" operations using iOS devices.

Binance.US has now officially announced their cryptocurrency trading app for iOS gadgets. Binance.US is now available on App store for iPhone and iPad users.

Apple may be all set to launch the brand new iPhone models ‘iPhone 12 & 12 Pro’, the new tech gadgets are expected to hit the markets in H2’2020 (usually the new product launch happen in September). PocketLintreports multiple new features in the upcoming iPhone models.

Of late, Binance has been making abuzz in the crypto-universe, especially Binance.US by announcing that the exchange has lined-up to associate with the Chamber of Digital Commerce as an Executive Committee member or by launching ripple’s perpetual swap contracts, Binance’s investment flow to acquire minority stake in Crypto-Derivative Exchange, ‘FTX’, their M&A deal between ‘Binance and Indian crypto-exchange WazirX’ have kept them in limelight.

But Binance.US predominantly targeted for America’s acceptance, access, and use of digital assets, providing an easy and secure way for users to use their USD to buy and sell a diverse selection of digital assets. 

Joining the 40 members of the Executive Committee, Binance.US is dedicated to serving everyday Americans and enhancing innovation, access to investments, and regulatory development regarding the current and future digital industry. 

While Apple’s ‘Crypto Kit’ which is a sophisticated encryption and key-signing service, enables users to perform cryptographic operations securely and efficiently. This feature lets apps off from managing raw pointers, and automatically handles tasks that make the apps more secure, like overwriting sensitive data during memory deallocation.

Well,  for mainstream adoption, people should understand the currency mechanism first and then, the global regulators must empathize the concept of cryptos and should be ready to accept Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange not as speculative instruments. On the flip side, on technical side, unlike tech savvies, ‘ease of use or user friendliness’ is what a common man expects for. The ability to easily buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies should be handy. The ‘flexibility and ease of use’ is where apps significance come into play, we think with that perspective, Binance.US has now introduced their mobile trading to iOS devices by launching of their trading app in App store.

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