Digital Currency Revolution Series: BitMEX’s Parent Company Appoints New General Counsel

The parent company of the world’s largest cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform in the Seychelles, ‘BitMEX’’, is ‘HDR Global Trading Limited’, who has now appointed Derek Gobel as the group’s General Counsel.

Derek will oversee the group’s legal function. He brings over 28 years’ experience working on a broad range of legal matters, most recently as BNP Paribas’ General Counsel for APAC. In 2017, he was also recognized in The Legal 500’s GC Power list in China and Hong Kong.

Arthur Hayes, Co-founder, and CEO said, “Derek brings extensive legal and corporate governance experience. Derek is perfectly qualified to lead our legal function and help us move forward in today’s continually evolving regulatory environment."

Bitmex has originally introduced Perpetual Swaps in the recent past, which is a derivative product that were instrumental for trading like Future contracts but without any expiry or settlement. The facility supports BTC, EOS, BCH, BSV, ETH, and XRP contracts.

Furthermore, they came up with BitMEX’s Insurance Fund comprised of 21,350 BTC (worth $75.9 million). 

As Bitcoin extends its bullish streaks to establish fresh 2019-highs, as a result, the trading volume on the BitMEX exchange has also continued to register record all-time highs. BitMEX has managed to clear a total volume of around $10.795 billion – all from the Bitcoin derivatives market.

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