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‘Diablo 4’ in development but will not come out after 2020, rumor claims

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“Diablo 4” is arguably one of the most requested Blizzard games by fans as it’s been already eight years since the third entry was released. Unfortunately, the company has been rather stubborn in creating the sequel, which has been a point of frustration for the series’ fan base.

In lieu of “Diablo 4,” Blizzard announced in last year’s BlizzCon that they are developing a mobile game based on the series. It was, of course, met with tremendous negativity, with more criticism pouring down in the weeks that followed.

It was so bad that the entire thing became a meme and endured almost a year after the announcement. Now, there are speculations out there that the company may be looking to address this gaffe by finally revealing that they are creating “Diablo 4,” GameRant reported.

Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 currently in development?

There are certainly hints out there that this may be the case. For instance, “Path of Exile” developer Chris Wilson told PCInvasion back in August that if he was to bet on it, Blizzard might reveal a “Diablo” game in the upcoming conference. While Wilson didn’t specifically say “Diablo 4,” it’s difficult to imagine if Blizzard will double down on its mobile version given the reception it received.

Another hint out there came from a listing in France suggesting that the fourth entry might be coming out after all. Apart from “Diablo 4,” the rumor also spoke about “Overwatch 2,” Daily Star reported.

“Teams at Blizzard Entertainment have already been presented with the long-awaited ‘Diablo 4’ and know that a new ‘Overwatch’ game is in development. But neither of these games will be released before 2020, at the very best,” the rumor claims.

Diablo 4 is not enough to appease the recent outrage

But even if Blizzard was to announce “Diablo 4” during BlizzCon, it’s highly likely that it’s going to be overshadowed by an even bigger issue. The company is currently under fire after it handed out severe punishment to a “Hearthstone” player after he voiced out his support to the Hong Kong protest.

It was widely assumed that Blizzard’s actions are attributed to its desire to appease the Chinese government since the country represents a massive profit margin for the company. The backlash was so severe that even Blizzard employees started voicing their outrage. There’s simply no way that announcing “Diablo 4” will make people forget what Blizzard did. It’s for this reason that a lot of people are expecting that BlizzCon is a train-wreck waiting to happen, with several groups planning to stage a protest during the whole event.

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