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‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ chapter 201: Muzan turns Tanjiro into a demon

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“Demon Slayer” chapter 201 spoilers have finally arrived bringing with it a huge plot twist to the manga’s storyline. As Muzan was about to die, he still managed to turn Tanjiro into a demon.

“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” chapter 201 starts with a little brief flashback of Muzan’s life. Apparently, he was very sickly as a child that people thought he was dead. He only stirred when he was about to be cremated.

“I was accompanied by death ever since I was in the womb,” Muzan thinks to himself just as sunlight is starting to dissolve his Giant Baby Form. “My heart stopped beating multiple times in the womb, and I was born a dead infant. I only made a sound when I was about to be cremated. I have done everything to satisfy my desires, but my power is limited.”

Muzan realized that his body will soon be destroyed by sunlight. However, there is still one more thing that he can do. That is to pass on to Tanjiro his goal of killing all the Demon Slayers.

“My body will be destroyed by sunlight soon,” Muzan said to himself. “However, my thoughts are indestructible. I will entrust everything to this child.”

But Tanjiro is heavily injured. So Muzan injected his blood to save him. “I still have time to inject my blood into his cells to save him,” the demon says. “Kamado Tanjiro, you will conquer the sun and become the strongest demon. Since you are Nezuko’s brother and the only person who can use the same breath as that monster (Yorichi), I believe in you. You will not die.”

Apparently, Tanjiro’s first task would be to kill all of his comrades. “Accomplish my dream, Tanjiro,” Muzan instructs. “Annihilate the Demon Slayers in my place.”

Tanjiro suddenly regains his consciousness but Giyuu notices that something is not right. “Giyuu: Tanjiro turned into a demon!” Giyuu shouts. “Restrain him under the Sun, kill him before he kills another person!”

Inosuke suddenly remembers a conversation they had. “We are brothers-in-arms. If someone goes down the wrong path we must stop them, no matter how unbearable,” he recalls. “We must walk the right path.”

However, he soon finds out that he can’t bring himself to kill his friend. “I cannot do it,” he says while crying.

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