Cryptocurrencies’ price stability drives hedge funds surge in volumes in April

Just beginning of this week, we posted about the constructive stance of GS on hedge funds, go through below weblink for more reading:

For now, we learned that the IB Company has disclosed its idea of starting trading cryptocurrencies.

Recent positive Bitcoin price momentum has become visible across all exchanges. This has seemingly little to do with the increase in futures trading volume. Cryptocurrency sees a bearish cycle quite regularly before new all-time highs are reached.

After steep slumps of BTCUSD from all-time highs of $20K to the recent lows of $6,000 levels, but managed to bounce back to $11,845 levels, and thereafter, oscillating between these two price levels.

While BCHUSD has been oscillating between $1,200 and $1,480 – $1,500 levels. And ETHUSD is ranging between $599 to $838 levels.

Oflate the bullish market performance experienced across the cryptocurrency markets last month also manifested significant gains for many cryptocurrency hedge funds, with multiple cryptocurrency hedge fund indexes estimating a more than 45% increase in the value of leading funds.

With most cryptocurrencies producing significant gains during April, cryptocurrency hedge funds also generated bullish performance last month.

The Eureka hedge Crypto-Currency Hedge Fund Index estimates the gains made by crypto funds to have been 45.43% during April.

According to Eurekahedge’s historical data, April 2018 was the sixth strongest performing month ever for virtual currency funds, and the fourth highest performing month of the last four years.

The preceding months to outperform April were December 2017 (+79.51%), August 2017 (+58.42%), May 2017 (81.09%), November 2013 (+405.30%), and October 2013 (+47.64%).

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