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Crypto Technicals: BCH/USD edges higher from session lows at 203, bias remains bearish

BCH/USD chart - Trading View 

Exchange - Coinbase

Support: 189.75 (Trendline); Resistance: 213.22 (5-DMA)

Technical Analysis: Bias Bearish

BCH/USD extends weakness below 5-DMA, bias remains bearish.

The pair is extending weakness for the 5th straight session, scope for further weakness.

Technical indicators are biased lower. RSI below 50, bias lower. Momentum studies are bearish.

GMMA shows both long and short term MAs are biased lower, Stochastics RSI is turning south.

The pair is on track to test trendline support at 189.75. Break below required for further weakness.

On the flipside, 5-DMA is immediate resistance at 213.03. Break above will see gains till 21-EMA 227.77.

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