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Conversational AI is Transforming Human Interaction

Lately, AI technologies are developing at a faster rate, and it seems that now they can even pass some boundaries. Currently, there are new tools for interaction between users and computers, which are often known as chatbots. Yes, you may don’t like them so much, because when this technology was introduced, a lot of users were not pleased with speaking with a bot. And they even felt like they were not listening. However, every new technology is improved based on analysed data from users, where developers need to listen to the people and act according to their wishes.

As a short and straightforward definition, chatbots are a kind of messaging software that helps users receive the requested information or help. At the same time, this chatbot also collects data about the visitors to a website. Besides, have you seen that lately, after a chatbot has helped you with information, they ask for a review? That review is for improving the experience. The developers receive the data based on the review, and they can either enhance the bot through coding, or the bot has a machine learning feature.

What are Chatbots?

A chatbot has to recognise phrase patterns and with the help of some conditional statements, reply to the question asked by the user. This is an example, of course, of a simpler technology that has little to do with advanced AI. There are also the so-called “smart” chatbots that are not only able to understand what the user is asking but also self-learn and develop their communication skills.

Chatbots are great for companies because they can maintain the user base and make them satisfied. In addition, chatbots can also help companies to reach out to new users via popular messengers effectively. However, the main benefit of a chatbot is the possibility to understand the user better. Chatbots can provide detailed and relevant information about a particular problem a user is facing. These “problem-solvers” can quickly improve a company’s product or services.

The Use of Chatbots

Because chatbots have become so advanced, many companies use this technology to create better customer service. For example, a chatbot can ask several questions to collect beneficial information about a user preference. After that the bot will immediately find the right information, even book the right ticket to a film. Which means that there is no need to wait to chat with a live agent because a chatbot accomplishes everything in minutes.

There is another example of a chatbot that helps people. The one called Insomnobit3000 is a chatbot that allows people who have sleep problems. This friendly bot is designed to act as a dialogue partner and sustain an entertaining conversation, which will help the person fall asleep.

As you can see, there are numerous possibilities where a chatbot can help, and they are almost limitless because this technology can help companies reach accomplishment in any area.

Due to their excellent functionality, chatbots are also widely spread even in the iGaming industry. With the help of this technology, it is possible to create a direct link between a casino and the player. Many companies choose to do this direct link through popular messengers like Telegram or Facebook Messenger. For example, some software companies found out that Telegram is the best messenger to develop online chatbots. There is even one iGaming software that uses this application. Telegram is popular because it has a simple, user-friendly interface, and it can be used to send large files. And one of the essential features of this app is that there are no ads and messages are reliably encrypted.

When it comes to games, even those from the casino counterpart, firstly the player’s behaviour is analysed by the bot. Secondly, based on the chosen user preferences, the bot can come up with a game, such as 88 Fortunes Megaways, provide technical support and many other features. When it comes to the online casino platform, to communicate with a casino bit via the messenger, players use texts of select interface buttons. The most significant benefits of such interaction are that there is no need to install a dedicated app. Some casino platforms even allow their users to play games right from the messenger. This type of interaction allows the user to do other things, like chat with their friends or read the news at once.

Oracle’s Work in AI Chatbots

Let’s take, for example, a company, the most well-known one, the Oracle. Suhas Uliyar is the VP Digital Assistant, AI & Integration at Oracle, and in this article, we will also share some of his words regarding the improved chatbots that are led by an AI. Suha’s passion for AI was born by working with mobile technologies back in the 90s. He became fixated with customer experience interaction and digital experiences. His passion has led him to start his own company around mobile technologies where he was building up a mobile platform around mobile technologies. The platform also allowed developers to build good mobile experiences.

Mobile technologies have evolved with the advent of the iPhone, where digital experiences enabled the first foray into AI with predictive analytics. After the creation of the mobile platform, Suhas joined the Oracle. He saw that many users are used to interacting via mobile phone through applications such as SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Because of this, Oracle was able to identify this as an opportunity to use natural language processing. The natural language processing allows users to converse naturally with AI chatbots. Oracle was quickly pivoted to the world of chatbots.

The company has used natural language processing to automate things like customer services and has also built the chatbot platform from scratch. Above We did mention that the initial chatbots were annoying to many users, Oracle has built everything from scratch with the help of AI, so chatbots will be better than they used to be. No more annoying bots that don’t understand us. Nowadays, even we sometimes feel that if there is a human or an AI behind a chat.

Suhas Uliyar said that what he likes at Oracle is that the company has four pillars that guide the AI approach, including building, training and managing machine learning models on their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. They also work on adaptive intelligence applications and building machine learning into their best-known product: their database.

Suhas says that AI services involve in facilitating the AI capabilities to applications, without the need to start from scratch. Conversational services have become one of the most popular services, with speech recognition capabilities and computer vision solutions for image recognition.

Besides, the Digital Assistant component is very familiar to most of us, because we have it even in our phones and other smart devices. Oracle’s exploration of the technology has started as a blend of a large number of chatbots that were designed to excel in one area. However, the company’s needs often evolved, and it was challenging to select the right tool for the job. To answer their needs, they build an AI-powered digital assistant. This digital assistant was essentially one of the windows to which users can interact with all these other chatbots. Also, the AI digital assistant is designed to recognise the content and figure out precisely about what area is being talked about.

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