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Can Anyone Travel in a Private Jet?

When we, normal people, hear “private jet”, we relate it to elites, to the rich, or to important people. We think this kind of transportation is purely for the privileged, and we cannot deny the fact that this is due to it being extremely expensive. Something the working class cannot simply afford. Now that we are faced with a world-wide pandemic, transportation has become limited, and social distancing is obliged for those who go outside. We understand your frustration when your booked flights and hotel bookings are cancelled, especially when you’ve been preparing for it for a year, maybe even more. We’re all stuck in our homes, daydreaming about the day we finally get to travel again.

Sure, rules for going outside have been less strict since the quarantine started. More restaurants are going back to business, stores and malls are opening, and people are starting to go back to their office jobs. But isn’t it anxiety inducing to step out of your home with the thought of catching a virus? Going outside will always leave you asking: “Will it be safe?”. Times are tough, and the mere fact that we need to watch out when stepping outside of our homes twice us much proves how hopeless it can be to seek our future.

Research has shown that modes of transportation such as trains, buses, taxis, and airplanes are the easiest to catch the virus. Being in a compact space with people, even with social distancing can still be dangerous. There are a lot of potential risks, depending on how crowded these modes of transportations. The virus spreads when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales droplets of the virus on a surface or into the air. If not careful, you are at risk of these droplets entering your body through the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Once you are inside an aircraft, you are completely unsafe and exposed. There are many touchpoints that you can access inside an aircraft that may be touched by somebody else, which can cause a spread of the virus.

When will we be able to freely travel again? When will we be able to eat out with our friends, or plan out our next dream destination? The answer is unknown, but, with the help of these simple procedures to keep you safe and protected from any viruses, travelling might be an option again. Here are things you need to take note when travelling or stepping outside:

  • Wear a face mask in all public settings.

  • Practice social distancing. Stay at least 6 feet away from anyone.

  • Practice good hygiene such as washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds every time you touch a surface or use the bathroom.

  • Use hand sanitizer or 60% alcohol to disinfect your hands or surfaces.

  • Use disinfecting wipes before touching any surface.

  • As much as possible, do not dine-in when going to eat.

  • Check travel restrictions and testing requirements before travel.

  • Check your destination’s number of cases in the last 7 days.

  • Cancel your flight when you feel symptoms. This will not only be beneficial to you, but also the other people around you.

  • Avoid contact with people who show symptoms of Covid-19.

It might suck that we have to follow these procedures in order to keep ourselves safe, but isn’t this so much better than just staying at home? If you cannot wait to travel to your dream destination, it is best if you follow procedure to make your travel less anxiety inducing. After all, you are going to your dream destination, right? Which is why there are other alternatives to traveling, and booking a private jet is all you need.

If you want to travel but are concerned about your safety, private jets are the answer. It is actually one of the safest modes of transportation. Studies show that potential virus infection inside a private jet is less compared to when flying in a normal flight. The best part about booking a private jet is that they implement coronavirus health and safety protocols that are not only for the crew, but also for you as well. Private jets aren’t just for the rich, you can afford it too! It’s not as expensive as we think, there are many private jets companies that offer affordable prices for people who want the safety and privacy or traveling. Booking a flight is easy, and accessible. We recommend VelocityJets, a reliable, safe and affordable way to fly safe during these trying times.

What is Velocity Jets?

Velocity Jets is a private jet company that can fly you anytime and anywhere you want without having your trip revolve around flight schedules or delays. They facilitate personalized aircraft charter services based on the number of passengers,, duration of the trip, and destination. There are no acquisition costs, hidden charges or membership fees. Velocity Jets’ charter program is straightforward, convenient and customized to your individual travel needs. They promote privacy, convenience and security. They can handle all your travel needs as well as promoting a safe and reliable service. Effortless travel is something they deeply swear by. They guarantee that they work with operators that uphold the highest standards set forth by the Federal Aviation Administrations (FAA).

Purchase a Velocity Jet Card and receive tons of benefits from the private jet company. They offer the greatest flexibility in the industry with a jet card program that exceeds all your travel needs. Once you purchase 25 or 50 hours, you can gain access to light, mid, super-mid and large-cabin aircrafts, depending on your preference. You can enjoy privileges that come with fractional ownership without the upfront investment, long term responsibilities, rigid scheduling and any exit fees that come with selling your fractional share. They also provide members with fair pricing so that they can access different aircrafts such as light to heavy jets. The company guarantees that there will be no following payments after your flight. Make sure to call VelocityJets, so that you can fly and travel privately and safely.

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