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Cameron Chell-led Draganfly Inc. Chosen by The 517 Group to Deliver Vital Intelligence Technology to Hospitality Industry

Draganfly Inc. (US-OTCQB: DFLYF / Canada-CSE: DFLY), the oldest drone operating company in the world, is aiding in the fight to curb the spread of COVID-19. Most recently, Draganfly announced that it has been chosen by major hospitality and entertainment service company, The 517 Group, to deliver its Vital Intelligence technology Smart Vital assessment platform to the company’s enterprises.

Draganfly’s Vital Intelligence platform can detect things like heart rate, respiratory rate, and O2 saturation. It can monitor for blood volume changes through things like facial blushing, as well as breathing irregularities by measuring shoulder motion. All these processes take place with zero contact at a distance of 3 to 4 feet.

The technology can perform all of these tasks from a camera that takes seconds to capture the information. The technology can be deployed via a Kiosk, laptop or mobile devices like tablets or smartphones.

In the midst of the coronavirus health pandemic, the restaurant and entertainment industry has been one of the industries hit hardest. In addition to dealing with closures and other COVID-related roadblocks, the industry has been working non-stop to ensure its customers and staff are safe.

Draganfly CEO Cameron Chell commented: “The 517 Group was looking for a solution to keep their hospitality and entertainment customers healthy and safe for employees and patrons. We are honored to be selected to work with 517 to implement critical yet elegant solutions that are unobtrusive and effective for workplace safety.”

The technology that was originally developed for drones has evolved into a form of health screening; a solution that will hopefully help to keep restaurants in business.

CEO of The 517 Group, Kori Langford stated: “A COVID-19 outbreak is detrimental for the restaurant industry. We want to ensure that our restaurants and the restaurants we work with, in addition to our employees and suppliers do not suffer economic loss as a result of having to close temporarily or permanently as a result of an outbreak.”

Now, Draganfly is looking into how it can be of assistance to vaccine distribution, today and in the future.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Finance, Cameron Chell said, “We have multiple agencies approaching us looking at ways to get vaccines into challenged locations. These might be remote locations, they might be locations that are hit by natural disasters, or they might be locations that are offshore rigs. But they’re really looking at the efficiency to be able to get this critical carbo onto places or to people in a more efficient way.”

The company currently has a full operations and flight services division, and can be ready to deliver payload at a moment’s notice.

“When somebody approaches us and whether they’re worried about the actual payload, how it’s going to be delivered, what the end result is, how the regulations need to be handled, they can come to us as a one-stop-shop. We can ensure that the equipment or that critical payload can be met,” said Chell.

Outside of working to improve solutions related to the coronavirus pandemic, Draganfly also announced it has been selected to provide engineering and development services for a drone-based Air Support Defense System for Integrated Launcher Solutions Inc.

As part of the agreement, Draganfly will provide the company with development and engineering and services for the deployment of a non-lethal 40mm multi-launching system. The system can then be mounted and deployed on drones, robots and other remote or autonomous platforms.

The launch system will be used as public disturbance management for military and public safety organizations.

“I am confident that the Draganfly team will provide the right set of expertise and management to develop the non-lethal ILS Air support Defense System,” said Chell.

Drone technology experts are only beginning to scratch the surface of the things drone tech can do. From curbing the spread of COVID-19 to their use in military operations, it’s safe to say that drones will only continue to add value to the marketplace as it advances in the future.

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