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Burger King Revives Beloved BK Melts, Cheesy Tots for the Holidays

BK Melts and Cheesy Tots return to Burger King, offering a festive, cheesy indulgence.

Burger King, the renowned home of the flame-grilled Whopper® sandwich, is spreading holiday cheer with its latest menu offerings. Embrace the seasonal spirit and immerse yourself in the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of two cheesy treats – BK Melts and Cheesy Tots.

These limited-time items are available at select Burger King locations while supplies last, starting from Thursday, Dec. 7, as per Businesswire.

Enjoy Comforting Delicacies with Burger King's BK Melts and Cheesy Tots

Burger King is kickstarting December with a month-long celebration of all things cheesy, exclusively for Royal Perks members. From Dec. 1 to 31, in the BK App, members can revel in daily deals that will leave them exclaiming, "Tis' the Cheeson!"

Diners can take advantage of enticing promotions, including free food with purchase on select days, $3 Whopper sandwiches every Wednesday, and the opportunity to acquire fun BK merchandise, with purchase proceeds going to support the Burger King Foundation.

A Comeback of Flavorful Fan-Favorites: BK Melts

According to Yahoo, the beloved BK Melts are back following their successful comeback earlier this year. Now available nationwide in three irresistible combinations, these portable delights are perfect for those on-the-go moments:

BK Melts, featuring toasted bread, scrumptious Whopper Jr. Patties**, melty American cheese, caramelized onions, and Stacker Sauce, have returned in three tantalizing combinations. Choose from the Classic Melt, Bacon Melt, or the all-new Shroom n' Swiss Melt, which wows with Swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, and the signature Stacker Sauce. And that's not all - Cheesy Tots are also making a comeback, offering a warm and creamy snack or a comforting addition to any Burger King meal.

The Return of Cheesy Tots: A Warm and Delicious Snack

Burger King fans can tell the Cheesy Tots, which is making its grand return to Burger King after a year-long absence since 2021. Available in four and eight-piece servings, these golden treats are the perfect way to satiate your cravings or add a comforting touch to any Burger King meal.

Those interested can join Royal Perks to unlock incredible deals and gain access to these melty, cheesy menu items. To find the nearest Burger King restaurant or to explore the full range of offerings, including BK Melts and Cheesy Tots, they can visit and participating Burger King locations.

Photo: BusinessWire

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