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‘Boruto’ chapter 43 spoilers: The key to defeating Boro

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Kawaki finally figured out Boro’s weakness, which might be the key to defeating Boro in “Boruto” Chapter 43. But it’s a bit tricky even for Sarada as she will be using a technique that she hasn’t mastered yet, a technique that should be very familiar to fans of the original Naruto series.

“Boruto” Chapter 42 recap

After a month-long wait, “Boruto” Chapter 42 finally arrived and can be read on MangaPlus. Boro proved to be one tough cookie to deal with. Ruthless and cunning, he won’t hesitate to exploit any weaknesses he observed from his opponent during the fight.

For instance, he knew that Team 7 basically disregarded his virus since they are already immune to it. However, Boro used this sense of security to inflict damage on Kawaki buy lacing his virus with gun powder to make it explode.

But the real problem for team 7 is Boro’s insane regeneration ability. No matter how they damaged his body with their attacks, the injured parts would just heal right back in no time. They know they will lose the moment they ran out of chakra.

Thankfully, Kawaki thought of something that might be the key to defeating Boro. As a former member of Kara, he knows that Boro’s body has been modified by the scientific genius Amado giving him his regeneration skill. Thus, a plan was formed whose aim is to neutralize Boro’s regenerative ability.

As explained by Kawaki, Boro’s regeneration is actually the result of a scientific ninja tool. But with such a powerful ability, the tool has to be bigger to be able to do its job. Kawaki surmised that there must be some form of a core hidden within Boro’s body about the size of a human heart to power his ability.

Thus it was up to Sarada to find out where this core is located. Using her Sharingan, she finally learned that it is located in his right flank. She decided to destroy the core herself since she can’t risk Boro becoming more guarded that he is by telling Kawaki and the rest of its location.

But what Sarada lacked was a technique powerful enough to penetrate Boro’s body. At the same time, it has to be fast enough so he won’t have time to weave signs and change the core’s location.

Sarada soon realized that she actually has one technique that fits both criteria. Chidori is a technique her father, Sasuke, practiced in his younger days, which he tested against his rival Naruto.

Even though Sakura has not yet battle-tested the technique, she was left with no other choice at the moment. Thus, the chapter ended with Sakura unleashing Chidori on Boro’s left flank where the core might be located.

“Boruto” Chapter 43 speculations

The fight between the new Team 7 against Boro has been going on for a few chapters now. It shouldn’t be too surprising then if the battle will finally reach its climax and wrap up soon in “Boruto” Chapter 43.

There’s a good chance that Sarada’s analysis is correct and that her Chidori hit Boro’s core. However, it would be too optimistic to expect the attack to destroy the Kara member with just one hit in “Boruto” Chapter 43.

Sarada admitted herself that she has not yet mastered the technique. This might mean that it still lacks finesse and might not be as devastating as those unleashed by either Sasuke or Kakashi. But it’s likely enough to damage or hinder Boro’s healing ability to a great extent.

“Boruto” Chapter 43 will likely feature Team 7’s impressive teamwork that will eventually bring Boro down. Barring any other factor, this victory could also mean the successful rescue of Naruo.

“Boruto” Chapter 43 will be released on February 20, 2020. Stay tuned for updates.

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