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Bitcoin Price Nosedives: Whale Activity and High Mining Costs Fuel Market Turmoil

Bitcoin price nosedives due to whale activity and rising mining costs.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has been experiencing a downward trend over the past few days, resulting in it losing a sizeable portion of the gain it had accumulated in recent circumstances.

The price of Bitcoin Has Reached a New Weekly Low

CoinMarketCap reports that Bitcoin's price is currently trading at $65,423.17, a decrease of 3.1% over the previous twenty-four hours. As per Coingape, the coin's price has dropped to this level, the lowest in almost a week.

Unfortunately, the collapse sparked a flurry of cryptocurrency long position liquidations, which surpassed over $100 million in only one hour and more than $150 million over the previous day. At present, the price of Bitcoin is experiencing a decline that may be attributed to some reasons that have a compounding impact.

Several whales are selling off their Bitcoin holdings, as was uncovered. Over the course of Friday, a single Bitcoin whale transferred 15,975 units of the flagship cryptocurrency.

Allegedly, the coins were transferred to the digital asset market Binance in a single cryptocurrency transaction. This massive whale dump indicates a bearish emotion, which may have contributed to the coin's current decline.

Additionally, there is the issue of low mining earnings, which started not too long ago, just after the April Bitcoin halving event. Ali Martinez on X mentioned that the mining cost for Bitcoin increased dramatically immediately following half of the supply. Presently, the average cost of mining a single Bitcoin is $77,000.

Ali states that "this surge in expenses has led to a wave of capitulation among Bitcoin miners over the past month."

As a result of this circumstance, the miners' earnings dropped to $35,000 after having previously increased to $78,000. This 55% loss simultaneously could have caused the selling pressure that Bitcoin is also facing.

Additionally, there are indications that the Bitcoin hashrate is decreasing, as mining a block now requires more resources. It is impossible to ignore the fact that there has been a significant increase in the number of Bitcoin transactions that take place over-the-counter (OTC).

According to Deribit, about 97,782 Bitcoin options with a notional value of $6.55 billion are scheduled to expire by June 28th. Given that the put-call ratio is 0.49 and the maximum pain threshold is set at $55,000, the Bitcoin price may continue to be subject to selling pressure for an extended period of time.

Demand for Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds to Drive Bitcoin Forward

One major twist in the market forecast for the coin is that it could reverse a bull run.

Notably, the demand for Spot Bitcoin ETFs has the potential to influence the price of Bitcoin to move in the direction of the optimistic forecasts that have been made in favor of it in recent times. Bitcoin proponent and market trader PlanB believes that the price is moving in the right direction to end this year at $100,000, with a target of $500,000 by 2025.

Galaxy Digital's Chief Executive Officer, Mike Novogratz, also projected that Bitcoin may reach $100,000 by the end of the year, praising the strengthened rules. In particular, if the current slump continues for an extended period of time, the next several weeks will determine the price of Bitcoin.

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