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Bitcoin Bull Run Predicted for September 2024: Here’s Why

Analysts predict a Bitcoin bull run starting in September 2024.

Experts from QCP Capital forecast a Bitcoin bull run beginning in September 2024, citing aggressive call option purchases and other factors.

September Surge Anticipated

A recent analysis by QCP Capital indicates that, at least for the time being, the price of Bitcoin will be limited. Lots of people are selling their Bitcoin call options that are due to expire in a month, according to the market activity.

Nonetheless, QCP Capital anticipates substantial positive momentum by the end of the year. Call options for the months of September through December have been aggressively bought despite the present gloomy sentiment. The market is expected to consolidate this summer before seeing significant moves in anticipation of the US elections, as shown plainly below.

Miners' Selling Pressure

In addition, the research says that, since the last Bitcoin halving, miners have been subject to severe selling pressure owing to the high breakeven pricing. The Bitcoin price recovery may be postponed in the future due to the persistence of this selling pressure.

Per Coingape, sales like this have driven down miner Bitcoin holdings to levels not seen in 14 years, reducing overall reserves by almost 5,000 BTC since the year's start.

Additionally, QCP Capital has noted that there have been other good happenings this week that have contributed to a bullish view for BTC. One important element is the recent acquisition of 11,931 BTC by MicroStrategy, which was valued at an astounding $800 million.

Alternatively, BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes has offered a positive macroeconomic scenario regarding how the present banking crisis in Japan can set off a Bitcoin bull run.

Moreover, the market has been uneasy because of reports from the German government of a new major supply flood. The German government is planning to sell an extra 47,000 BTC in the next several days after selling 3,000 BTC earlier this week.

Institutional Activity in the ETF Market

Finally, it should be remembered that the ETF market has been experiencing a constant sell-off, with spot Bitcoin ETFs recording over $500 million in trading volume over the last week. This illustrates how unconvinced institutional investors are as they sit on the sidelines, hoping Bitcoin's price will eventually turn around.

Photo: Kanchanara/Unsplash

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