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Best CBD Cream for Pain: Buyer’s Guide

Pain is a feeling that everyone experiences. During pain, some are mild, needing no concern, while others are severe. However, your desire for relief depends on your pain level. Consequently, there are many products available that claim to cure the pain but don’t work well for it. That is why CBD came out with topical cream to relieve pain. Thus, we saw the need to review the best CBD cream for pain and top brands that sell them.

There are many topical and creams out there to use in the treatment of skin infections, pain, and arthritis. It is not easy to cope with pain as it can make life difficult. Hence, read on to know more about CBD creams, the best ones, and usage.

A Brief Overview of CBD And CBD Cream

CBD short for cannabidiol comes from the cannabis plant. In other words, CBD could come from the two cannabis strains, which are: hemp and marijuana. Moreover, marijuana contains lower levels of CBD and higher THC (the compound that causes intoxication). On the other hand, hemp contains higher CBD concentrations and small amounts of THC.

However, most manufacturers use hemp to make CBD products, including creams for pain relief.

Notably, CBD topical comprises of balms, lotions, salves, and creams that contain CBD. So, you need to massage it to the skin to prevent unwanted elements from penetrating your body. Hence, it is one of the safest ways to use CBD.

These creams help in relieving pain, which you may experience as a result of muscle and joint inflammation. Besides, you can also use it for some skin diseases like ringworm, eczema, and so on.

CBD Cream and Their Pain-Relieving Properties

CBD has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties when applied to the affected area. Unlike ingested CBD, which offers calmness and comfort from stress, CBD topical deliver differently. Thus, just rub your CBD cream for back pain to experience effect.

However, if you apply CBD on your body, it doesn’t reach your bloodstream. That’s why CBD topical cream is best in managing pain.

Best CBD creams to buy for pain management

When shopping for CBD creams to manage pain, it is crucial to consider the potency of the product. More importantly, you should check the source, ingredients, and price as well.

Now that you’ve gotten the background information about CBD and CBD creams, below are the top brands.


FAB CBD is well-known for its excellent and high-quality CBD cream. Luckily, they use natural extraction methods, and all their products are non-GMO Colorado hemp. Moreover, their hemp is organically grown and pesticide-free.

The company’s cbd cream contains 600mg of full-spectrum CBD. It’s probably one of the best CBD cream for pain in the market. Also, it can work well for different types of anxiety, including body aches. Meanwhile, ingredients include cinnamon, blood orange oil, and chamomile to offer a lovely fragrance.

This product has a lot of advantages with little or no drawbacks. As a result, it has a smooth texture with a blood-orange fragrance.


  • Enticing aroma

  • Great for joint pain

  • Non-GMO and pesticide-free

  • Third-party lab tested

  • Extra-strong cream

  • Premium-quality hemp extract


  • Limited product range


PureKana is gradually gaining popularity in the CBD industry. They provide high-quality hemp products. Also, all their hemp products are fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide, and solvent-free. Yet, a third-party lab also tests their products.

Most importantly, they extract hemp oil from the best sources and infuse it into their topical ointment. Therefore, these offer a cooling sensation as the CBD penetrates your skin. So, this product will provide you with the effects that you need, as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Notably, PureKana uses the CO2 extraction process their products.


  • Smells great

  • Rejuvenates the skin

  • Easy to apply

  • Small and convenient dispenser

  • Absorbs fast

  • Non-GMO


  • Somehow expensive

Joy Organics

Joy Organics farm their products locally from Colorado. Most importantly, they offer Broad-spectrum CBD cream that contains a wide range of terpenes, and cannabinoids. Moreover, their products are THC-free, while providing significant health benefits.

Each one-ounce of joy organics container has 250mg of CBD. Also, all their products pass through rigorous third-party lab checks by ensuring that they’re free from heavy chemicals. You can view their lab results on their website. Besides, ingredients include organic aloe leaf juice, organic olive oil, natural glycerin, and a lot more.

Joy Organics offers free shipping within the USA. Their customer support is top-notch as they attend well to customers.


  • Zero THC

  • Offers money-back guarantee

  • Premium grade products

  • Quickly soothes and moisturizes the skin

  • USA-grown hemp

  • Third-party lab tests


  • A little bit pricey

How to use CBD cream for pain relief

First, clean the affected area before applying the product. Then, rub a generous amount on your palms and massage it to where you're experiencing pain. Certainly, you might feel a warm or tingling sensation due to the ingredients the product contains. Thus, continue usage so that it can work effectively, and follow the procedure accordingly.

Where to buy CBD cream for pain relief

You can buy CBD cream for pain from the following places.

• Online: Buying CBD cream for pain online is the best because it is easy and safe. These will enable you to check for the potency and purity of the products through their lab results online. You will have different choices online and get value for your money.

Going through customers' reviews online is a plus, as you will see other people's opinions on the effectiveness of the product.

• Local dispensaries: CBD creams are available in dispensaries, but you might need a doctor's report before getting them. They might have a limited amount of creams for you to make a pick. Therefore, you might end up buying what was not in your plan.

• Local store: Most local stores sell CBD creams, but the problem is that you might not get the right information. They may not even have the chance to explain what is in the label. If you're getting CBD cream from a shop, you will not get information about their lab reports.


All the brands in this review offer great CBD pain relief cream. Besides, you can get full-spectrum products or the ones with zero percent THC. Buy CBD cream that is of good quality by checking their lab reports online.

Finally, consider the scent when purchasing if you're allergic to the smell of some ingredients. Apply a generous amount liberally to the affected area to soothe that pain.

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