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BTCC introduces titanium physical bitcoins – ‘BTCC Mint’ coins

BTCC, one of the leading bitcoin exchanges in the world, has launched its new line of titanium physical bitcoins.

BTCC Mint coins are physical coins with digital currency inside them. They are created with pure titanium, meaning that they are lightweight, durable, and sleek, with a silvery gray finish.

The company describes ‘BTCC Mint’ as the first in the industry to offer physical coins with uncirculated bitcoins. The inaugural issue of BTCC Mint coins is the 2016 One Bitcoin V Series – a titanium physical bitcoin with a private key worth 1BTC attached to it.

“BTCC Mint V-Series coins are an industry first, as they contain bitcoins that have never been circulated. In fact, the bitcoins in BTCC Mint coins come straight from the bitcoin block rewards mined by BTCC Pool”, BTCC said.

It further said that these coins have the potential to appreciate in value eventually, given the limited nature of bitcoin issuance in the coming years and the limited number of V-series coins that BTCC will mint each year.

“Mint coins are made for bitcoin enthusiasts and coin collectors. They can be used as a secure cold wallet to store your bitcoin investment. Mint coins are also collectibles that have a unique, limited edition design, making them a shrewd choice for discerning numismatists”, the website reads.

In addition, special attention has been paid to ensure security of these coins. Each BTCC Mint coin includes a tamper-evident hologram sticker with the coin's bitcoin private key underneath it:

  • Security:  The bitcoins attached to each BTCC Mint coin are secured by a tamper-evident security hologram that is impossible to counterfeit. Private keys are generated offline and the only copy of the private key is the one attached to each coin.
  • Traceability: The bitcoin public addresses for the private keys embedded within each BTCC Mint coin are published on the website and are searchable on the BTCC Mint Lookup page. BTCC Mint Lookup lets customers verify the authenticity of their coins.

Speaking of reliability, BTCC says, “BTCC Mint coins are created by BTCC, the company behind the longest running bitcoin exchange and the fastest growing bitcoin mining pool, so you can rest assured that your BTCC Mint coin was made by a trusted and reliable manufacturer, with robust security procedures in place”.

BTCC announced an introductory pricing of 1.1 BTC for the 2016 V Series One Bitcoin.

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