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Avoid These Healthy Foods When You Follow the Keto Diet

If you look at different diet plans, you might find it weird that there is one that recommends you avoid eating some healthy foods. The keto diet is a plan that includes fatty foods and actually makes you avoid eating some things that are classed as healthy. Here’s why.

The primary reason behind the exclusion of some options is that they contain too many carbohydrates, as the keto diet plan requires you to reduce your carb intake and increase your consumption of fatty meat. Here are some of the foods you need to avoid if you wish to start the keto diet plan.


This superfood is gaining popularity because of its nutritional content. It is rich in protein which is necessary when you follow the keto diet, but the problem is that a half cup of quinoa is equivalent to 17 grams of carbs which is equal to the guideline amount you are actually allowed to take each day.


You might need an apple to keep the doctor away, but not when you are following the keto diet as apples and many other sugary fruits are rich in carbohydrates. It does not mean you have to exclude all of them, but you should eat them in moderation as besides, the nutrients you get from fruits are also available in several vegetables.

Dark chocolate

You might disagree with the inclusion of dark chocolate on this list, as most people would tell you that if you wish to eat chocolate, the dark kind is the safest choice. The problem that arises is an ounce of dark chocolate has 10 grams of carbs, so if you are maintaining a diet plan that only allows a maximum of 20 grams of carbs a day, a square of dark chocolate is equal to half the allowance.


This is another treat you might not expect to see in this list, but an 8-oz container has a total of 10 grams of carbs. If you still want to include yogurt in your diet find a full-fat Greek yogurt, as it is rich in fat and has only has 3.5 grams of carbs making it perfect for this diet plan.


You might enjoy roasted chickpeas as a lovely snack but they do not fit into your keto diet as even if you only eat half a cup, it has 13 grams of carbs. For a good alternative, you could choose hummus, since it only has 3 grams of carbs for every two tablespoons and you can have celery and cucumber to partner with it.

Brown rice

For people who want to avoid eating white rice but are unable to find a better alternative, brown rice is the most recommended option. However, even if you eat only half a cup, it is 24 grams of carbs and therefore if you feel like you are doing the right thing by choosing brown rice, you are wrong.

Keto meal delivery is ideal

If you still have a hard time determining what food to eat and what to avoid, you could consider using a keto delivery service. There are plenty of keto restaurants that will send you the meals you need for the day or order online for a more efficient & personal experience instead.

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