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Application Development Made Easy: Use the Power of the Most Innovative Low-Code Platform on the Market

In today’s highly competitive environment, IT has become the backbone in ensuring business continuity and growth. To empower IT with this major mission, enterprise applications have become primary enablers and form the essence of most digital transformation and modernization initiatives. New technology has emerged to accelerate app development and low-code platforms have taken the lead in the market.

To help your enterprise IT teams accelerate app development, WaveMaker, an enterprise grade low-code platform, helps you develop and deliver modern applications with leaner agile teams. While speed is of essence, WaveMaker also ensures enterprise-grade security, scalability and code extensibility.

To understand how WaveMaker empowers your enterprise, take a look at some of the main features:

Enterprise Ready

WaveMaker adapts to your enterprise best practices and accelerates development instead of vice versa. No re-skilling required!

Developer Centric

Standards-based ‘Real code-behind’ that can be extended in future

Open Standards

Full source code control and no runtime dependency on the platform. Build apps and take them with you.

Truly Cloud-Native

Deploy apps on any infra: On-premise, private or public cloud, the choice is yours.

WaveMaker offers an innovative and cloud-based solution to app development. It transcends the traditional method of app development with drag-and-drop, visual interfaces. It helps you to optimize your application development process, improves efficiency and unlocks the full market potential of your application. Whether you want to build new applications or modernize existing legacy systems, WaveMaker helps to build applications in half the time and modernizes existing legacy systems without disruption.

To accelerate your digital transformation projects, you can combine the power of custom code with the speed of low-code using WaveMaker. Take a look at some of the main features of this low-code platform and get to know how you can use to accelerate your application development strategies:

  • Powerful Components – With WaveMaker you can build apps visually with powerful components such as Forms, Tables, Interactive Charts, etc. You can also navigate through data and their relationships and generate components from your own data model.
  • Modern Interfaces – You can create modern and responsive interfaces for multi-channel consumption within a few clicks. With just-in-time visual preview on different devices you can experience your user journey instantly as you develop your application.
  • Design with Speed – You can design interfaces with speed by using out-of-the-box widgets from a choice of a wide range of templates and themes. This gives you a quick turnaround of converting your ideas to apps.
  • Open Standards – You can stay ahead of the technology adoption curve by using user interfaces that are generated based on open standards stack, something that app developers love to embrace.
  • Extend and Customize – You can explore platform customizations and use custom methods and extensions available from the frameworks under the hood, without having a lock-in to the platform.

While application development is about functionality it is also about usability. Developers and enterprise users can easily use WaveMaker to build simple and complex applications using modular components and visual development interfaces, with minimal coding effort.

The philosophy of WaveMaker is to enable modern application development with minimum drudgery and maximum results. If the application development needs of your enterprise revolve around flexibility, scalability and mobility, WaveMaker is definitely your best suited low-code platform choice.

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