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Apple’s App Store Now Features Gaming Emulators for iPhone

Gaming emulators have landed on Apple App Store to allow Game Boy games.

Apple’s App Store was updated with a game-changing feature. The first emulators arrived for iOS, which means they were approved for use on iPhone and iPad devices.

Apple-approved gaming emulators are now available for download via the App Store. The Cupertino, California-headquartered tech firm loosened its regulations.

Updated App Store

According to Forbes, the latest changes made it possible for such apps to make their way to the App Store. Previously, this was not allowed on the iPhone, but now the gaming emulator has been included after the company updated its App Store guidelines earlier this month.

Users worldwide can now download game emulator apps on their iOS devices. The first app of this kind to appear on the App Store is called IGBA. Once downloaded, it allows people to play Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games on their iPhone or iPad. With this change, it was predicted that more emulator apps would surface on Apple’s official app marketplace in quick succession.

How to Legally Use the Emulators

The gaming emulator simulates Nintendo devices, which means that if the user has a ROM file for a Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Color game, he or she can easily open it in the iGBA, and the game will be playable on the device where the app was downloaded. Mashable SE Asia noted that Apple previously banned these emulators on its App Store.

However, as it was accused of being anti-competitive, Apple updated its App Store guidelines. Then again, emulators are a bit complicated in legal terms because the developers do not own the games, so to avoid legal issues, users must know that they should own a copy of the game and not just download a ROM from the web.

Photo by: Mariia Shalabaieva/Unsplash

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