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ApeCoin, BNB and Petrousus Token - Three Crypto Tokens Investors Should Watch This Crypto Winter

The crypto winter may have been unexpected, but cryptocurrency investors still have the chance to protect their portfolio from further downside. As cryptocurrency prices have been suddenly slashed, investors can take this time to evaluate their portfolios properly. Tokens with solid fundamentals and use cases are best left in your portfolio as there are strong indicators these tokens would rebound.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency tokens without solid road maps, use cases, tokenomics, or fundamentals should be phased out of your portfolio. So how do investors know the tokens to keep and the ones to sell off? First, thorough research into the crypto tokens to discover their viability. This research would help you get accurate information about the cryptocurrency tokens and the projects backing them.

Once you sell off poorly performing cryptocurrency tokens, purchasing new tokens with upside potential is in your best interest. ApeCoin (APE), Binance Coin (BNB), and Petrousus Token (PSUS) are three crypto tokens that should watch this crypto winter. These tokens possess solid tokenomics, use cases, and fundamentals. Below is a summary of each project.

ApeCoin - The Utility Token

ApeCoin (APE) is best described as a utility token that runs on the APE ecosystem. The APE token acts as both the governance and transaction token of the ecosystem. Furthermore, the token is built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and uses the ERC-20 token standard. The initial supply of the APE token was airdropped to Yuga Labs NFT holders, bringing them into the APE ecosystem. Furthermore, the APE token is a central part of Yuga Labs' entrance into creating a fully decentralised web 3 company. The supply of the APE token is hard capped at 1 billion tokens, and it is secured using a proof of work consensus mechanism.

The members of the ApeCoin DAO propose changes to the APE ecosystem. Token holders can vote on these proposals, and the decisions affect how the APE ecosystem runs. In addition, the APE Foundation executes proposals that APE token holders have accepted. Yuga Labs has purchased the Crypto Punks collection to expand the APE ecosystem. Additionally, Yuga Labs owns the MAYC (Mutant Ape Yacht Club) and Otherside NFT collections.

BNB - A Unique Crypto Ecosystem

BNB Cryptocurrency

BNB is the main token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is the blockchain owned by Binance, the largest cryptocurrency trading platform by volume. The Binance Smart Chain is a fast, cheap, and secure blockchain that Binance created to speed up the rate of blockchain adoption. BNB is the utility token for the blockchain and has multiple uses within the Binance ecosystem. The BNB token allows users to transact on the Binance Smart Chain. Additionally, it allows users to stake, secure the network, and earn rewards.

The BNB token is at the heart of the decentralised Binance network, which has many crypto projects in its portfolio. Additionally, BNB allows users to experience the speed, trust, and cheapness of the Binance Smart Chain. Furthermore, developers will use BNB to access the full capabilities of the Binance Smart Chain when deploying smart contracts.

The DeFi Coin - Petrousus Token

Petrousus Token is a DeFi project that aims to increase access to DeFi protocols from a central point. The project aims to create seamless DeFi interaction for users and lower the barrier to entry. Furthermore, Petrousus Token will give users a viable alternative outside traditional banking institutions. Additionally, Petrousus Token would deliver fast throughput and a seamless experience that would ensure users can perform transactions without delays. The project would empower its users to do more with their money and unlock the power of decentralised finance.

PSUS is the protocol's utility token and uses the BEP-20 token standards. It is fully fungible and can be swapped with other crypto tokens. Get in on the ground floor of this amazing project by purchasing tokens in the ongoing pre-sale. There are bonuses for the different stages of the pre-sale. Users will receive a 7% bonus for the first stage, a 5% bonus for the second stage, and a 2% bonus for the final stage. Join the presale today and start stacking bonuses.

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