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Adobe Unveils Acrobat AI Assistant Tool for Acrobat and Reader Users

Adobe introduces its AI Assistant tool that subscribers may use for just $4.99 per month.

Adobe Inc., formerly known as Adobe Systems Incorporated, announced it has made its artificial intelligence (AI) assistant tool available to users of Acrobat and Readers. The computer software firm said that starting Tuesday, April 16, the AI service could be used for as low as $4.99 per month.

Advantages of the Adobe AI Assistant

According to Fox Business, Adobe's Acrobat AI Assistant will allow subscribers to ask questions related to the content of documents. The inquiries are done in natural language, and users can get responses via the easy-to-use interface.

The AI Assistant will also recommend some questions based on the content of the documents presented by the user. With the help of this generative AI tool, users would be able to work in a well-organized and competent way in PDF, PowerPoint, Word, meeting transcripts, and other types of documents.

Overall, this will let subscribers search and summarize content with the help of AI. The AI Assistant is accessible on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge via Adobe's extensions.

"Whether it is doing taxes, collaborating on contracts or creating and sharing research papers, Acrobat is the trusted platform for PDFs," Adobe Document Cloud's senior vice president, Abhigyan Modi, said in a press release. "Acrobat AI Assistant empowers billions of people to shift from reading documents to having a conversation – enabling them to get insights and format and share content from all kinds of digital documents – quickly and easily."

Availability and Service Rate

Starting today, Adobe's Acrobat AI Assistant will be accessible to billions of Acrobat and Reader users. It is available on the desktop, mobile, or web. Regular Acrobat subscribers and those who are using the Reader for free can buy an add-on subscription for the AI tool at rates starting at $4.99. This price is only offered until June 5 as part of an early access promo.

Photo by: Adobe Press Release

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