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A proven way to write an excellent research paper on any topic for students

There’s a myth-like perception undergraduates are exposed to during their studies: the fact that they would get to engage in more research during their post-graduate studies. While this is not a generally accepted view for all institutions worldwide, it’s common to come across students who, for some unknown reasons, hold this as true.

The truth is that the undergraduate period is one of the best moments where one can dive into the specifics surrounding writing a research paper. Also, it’s a perfect time to try out, as well as understand how diverse research paper template models work for diverse types of essays. Students should note that there are subjects they would come across that would also require them to create standard essays related to case studies or in-depth investigations, all which come across as different categories of research. Essays with longer investigative timelines are often termed as dissertations or theses.

Looking at the paragraph above, we can deduce that the importance of writing an excellent paper is not one to be under-emphasised. A research essay is often directed to address serious topics. The lecturers are often looking to test abilities beyond diction and grammar. They are always out to test the following:

  • The learner’s ability to express his ideas clearly;
  • Citation skills;
  • The learner’s skills in rephrasing important information without distorting the intended idea being communicated;
  • Ability to keep to the instructions given while providing relevant data.

This is often difficult to achieve, coupled with the fact that most students do not get to practice this kind of essay writing till they get into postgraduate courses (if they do). Furthermore, there is a huge emphasis placed on creating a custom essay on the related topic – a tasking fit for anyone.

However, by following the appropriate guidelines and steps, it is very possible for anyone to create an excellent, relevance-doused paper that would keep readers captivated. In the next part of this article, we would look at various steps that can be applied to ease the burden of research-focused writing.

Writing like a Pro: the process

For example, if you are supposed to look for appropriate tips on how to write a review paper, you would realise that every advice given relates to following a designated number of steps. The struggle, therefore, is not to design a set of steps, but to identify those guidelines that, when applied, bring about the most optimal results.

What attributes can be identified in a properly scripted research paper?

1. The use of sections

You will have an easier time dealing with your information when you make use of sections. The standard sample for any advanced essay has an introductory section, the main body with some sub-sections, and the epilogue, or closing remark. One of the advantages associated with enforcing a sectioned approach towards academic writing is ease of understanding of the written work, i.e. the lecturer marking the work, and any other consequent readers find it easier to follow your words and grasp the basic concept of whichever topic you chose.

2. Concise ideas

Quality always sets a leading precedent over quantity. It is very possible for one to express his ideas in clear and concise terms, without using words like ‘maybe’ or ‘probably’. A research essay is often the documentation of proven facts or suggestions; wording your points using vague words reduces the quality of the final content. This applies to any topic and any field. It’s not just about providing the ideas; it’s also about being able to provide relevant ideas, ideas that add to the discourse at hand.

3. Referencing

Not many people realise that the ability to mention one’s sources correctly is not an attribute to be overlooked. Without proper citation, a student can be held guilty to misconduct or plagiarism in many institutions worldwide. Furthermore, referencing is a good idea to use when looking for how to end a paper appropriately. Some lecturers provide the specific citation styles they want to see in essays related to their disciplines. Hence it’s important to find out the details of the style and use it accordingly.

4. Sub-headings

In a composition addressing different elements connected by a single factor or common note, paper headings are very helpful in separating different aspects of one topic. They also make it easier for one to access separate parts of the written work if necessary. Using the appropriate main and sub-headings also gives your work a professional look, and improves the aesthetic look making it appealing to the reader.

5. Focus on the topic

Your opening and closing remarks must always be in correspondence with the main body of the text. This is, again irrespective of the theme or subject. All ideas should be started and ended in the main text. The closing remark section is for concluding only, not for commencing new ideas. Likewise, the opening remarks should be able to capture the whole essence of the research paper by highlighting the main outlines.


Writing any form of research undoubtedly takes time, energy and long hours of edits. But with the help of the tips highlighted above, it becomes easier to draft out an essay worth excellent grading.

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