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7 ways to get more Instagram followers

If you want to grow your brand and become popular online then Instagram is a great tool to do it. It is one of the most popular social media platforms and many people have made it a sort of a source for their online income. So, if you want to become the next influencer and want to do it organically and in the old fashioned way then below are 7 ways which might give you an idea to get started. Also, if you want to try a shortcut route then you can go ahead and buy Instagram followers, or likes on YouTube or Facebook.

1. Be Relevant

One of the most popular ways to get more followers right now is to be relevant. You have to make sure that whatever you are promoting or advertising or selling you have to post contents which are currently relevant. By this I mean to say that, if it is Christmas Eve then posting contents which correlate with that is a good idea. People will be more willing to see your content. The idea is simple. You cannot sell Christmas tree decorations in July. People are more likely to pay attention to you if you are constantly posting contents relevant to the current scenario. This will help you connect with people on a different level.

2. Use Hashtags efficiently

Hashtags are a great way of promoting your content so don't shy away from using the. Of course, if you bombard your content with too many hashtags then it might come off as desperate. So, you have to strike a good balance. Try using hashtags which not only directly apply to your content but also use the ones which encompass a broader horizon. This might help you connect with people from a different zone. You might have just put out a video of you singing and playing the guitar. Use the obvious and popular hashtags but also use certain hashtags like #grooving etc. to capture audiences from many different places.

3. Post Good Quality Photos

This point cannot be stressed enough. If you want more people to engage with you then you need to post good quality photos which are crystal clear. This is a prime point because it defines the core of Instagram. Instagram may have evolved to become a much different social media platform which has multiple usages but at its core, it is a social media platform where people share images. So, if you screw that part up then people might not connect with you. So, get a good camera and take good pics. If you are a model and are into bodybuilding then you have to get good pictures of your curves to attract people. Look, at any bodybuilder on Instagram with the good following they have great pics of them flexing. If you are a musician then post good quality videos of your performance.

4. Tag Accounts

This is another method to tap into different audience pools. You basically have to tag Accounts relevant to your Instagram post. This gives audiences who are interested in similar things and are following the account you have tagged a chance to see your account. Let's continue with the examples from the previous point. You are a bodybuilder and regularly post content on your account. Let's say you got together with other bodybuilders and worked out together. Make a video of the event or just take a few pics together. Now, tag their accounts. This will not only help them get exposure to your followers but will also help to introduce you to their followers as you will appear in their feed. Same goes for musicians. Maybe you did a jam session with other musicians. Tag their accounts in your post.

5. Good Bio

If you want to make sure people really understand what you represent or how you think then along with creating and posting good pictures you need to have a good bio. Your bio should tell everything your followers need to know about you. If you are a photographer mention that and also mention what is your speciality. Are you good at portraits or is your passion to be a wildlife photographer. Add enough details to make sure people get to know who you are and what you represent but don't make it too wordy. Add relevant links in your bio. Maybe you are a musician. Then add your website link. Let the people know how they can hire you and what type of venue you perform in. This a great way to reach out and discover new people. Because your work offline is very much instrumental to boost your work online.

6. Creative Content

Out of all the points, this has to be a no-brainer, right? Well, you are correct if you think so but if you spend enough time on social media platforms then you might find people wanting to look for new content every day. Also, there are lots of people who cannot provide content which is creative or entertaining enough. So, if you want to get people to follow you then you have to provide them with good and creative content. This can be related to the first point as well. You have to be relevant while creating your content. No one is asking you to not be spontaneous but try to post relevant contents regularly as well. Try to be creative with your videos. Make a funny music video if you are a singer or a musician. If you are a bodybuilder try some fun challenge.

7. Use Analytics and Be Consistent

Here, I am cramming two points. Let's first talk about being consistent. This means that you have to regularly post content which is relevant and relate with you. Also, they should be entertaining. If you do not post regularly then you will soon become irrelevant because the online mediums are very competitive. Next, let's look at analytics. Analytics tell you a lot of things about your account. They are very useful when it comes to understanding what works for you and what doesn't. You have to go through all the details and learn about which posts of yours are more popular and populate from which zone are connecting to you more.

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