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7 Amazing Gifts To Show Your Co-Workers You Care​

Befriending a co-worker is a special bond. These are the people we spend most of our waking hours with. It’s this group that can truly share in our successes and complaints. No one outside your workspace can really commiserate with Nancy’s overpowering floral perfumes or John’s chronic tardiness. While you may not pursue a friendship outside the workplace, some co-workers have a way of becoming your best friends.

Whether they’re celebrating a birthday, work anniversary, or a casual Friday, here are seven gifts you can give your co-workers to show that you care.

A Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers are a simple gift that doesn’t require much thought or planning. Even so, giving a bouquet of flowers never comes off as thoughtless or last minute. There’s something tender and sentimental about presenting someone with flowers, and they work for any occasion or relationship.

A nice bouquet is one of the best gifts for co-workers. This gift works for both people you know well and colleagues whom you appreciate, but keep things solely professional. There’s also the option to be as simple or as elaborate and symbolic as you like. When purchasing flowers for a co-worker, remember that yellow blooms symbolize friendship. It’s also nice to choose bright colors to breathe life into their workspace.

As an alternative to a bouquet, you can give a potted plant. Look for an option that’s relatively low-maintenance and can thrive in your office environment. For example, orchids do well in sunny windows. Snake plants thrive with minimal light in a cubicle setting. Just remember that if you buy your colleague a plant, you’ll be on plant-sitting duty whenever your co-worker goes on vacation.

A Favorite Things Box

For a more personal gift, put together a box of your co-worker’s favorite things. This gift works well as a group effort or if you have a decent rapport with the individual. You can determine the things they like based on the snacks they bring to work, what restaurants and Netflix shows they talk about, and by generally paying attention to them as an individual.

Don’t hesitate to do some extra reconnaissance to find out what your co-worker is passionate about. If you and your colleagues go in on this gift together, make sure everyone is clear on what items they’re responsible for.

A Desk Comfort Basket

There are many ways to make a desk feel a little more welcoming. Put together a gift basket of items to make your co-worker’s desk more comfortable. This could include anything from a mini fan and desktop fridge to a heated foot pad and lap blanket.

This gift is especially welcome during the COVID-19 pandemic when many of our teams are working from home. Throw in some of your co-worker’s favorite morning beverages and a few snacks for a functional gift they’ll love. If you're now a part of a remote team, you can spruce up meetings with virtual meeting cards. These brightly colored signs say things like "you're on mute" and "be right back" so you can communicate without interrupting the speaker. It’s also nice to add in some noise canceling headphones or a nice “I’m in a meeting: do not disturb” sign for their office door.

A Nice Travel or Desk Mug

When it comes to drinking coffee or tea in the morning, if you know, you know. Those morning beverages are more than just a pick-me-up; they’re a way of life.

Coffee and tea drinkers are always in the market for a better mug. Purchase a nice Yeti travel mug so that they can keep their chosen drink hot all day long. Alternatively, pick up a fun mug for the office that references something they enjoy. For a truly luxurious gift, get a USB coffee mug with a built-in warming system to keep their coffee hot as they dive into the day’s work.

A Diffuser

A diffuser is a lovely gift for a co-worker who deals with a lot of stress and loves new-age style coping tools. A small diffuser can humidify their office or cubicle, combatting the dry air that’s notorious in office buildings. Some diffusers also work with essential oils for a local dose of aromatherapy that won’t bother surrounding co-workers.

This gift is also great for people who are now working from home and trying to navigate the changes to their usual routine.

When choosing aromatherapy essential oils to go with the diffuser, select options that provide either an energizing or calming scent. Those uplifting fragrances can help rejuvenate your co-worker during a midday slump, while the calming scents can help them get through stressful situations.

Some of the best essential oils for an office diffuser include:

  • Peppermint

  • Lavender

  • Lemon

  • Eucalyptus

  • Cinnamon

  • Bergamot

  • Rosemary

You can also find pre-made blends that are promoted as office-friendly. One caveat to consider is if your co-worker is working from home because some oils aren't pet-friendly. If you know your co-worker has an animal at home, do some research on which essential oils are safe for pets and warn them to keep everything stored away properly and out of reach.

A High-Quality Lotion Set

If your skin feels dry and chapped from the office air, you aren’t alone. Many people have been struggling with sore, cracked hands from excessive washing and sanitizing. Gift your co-worker a nice lotion set so they can keep their hands and lips moisturized throughout the day. Walton Woodfarms makes high-quality lotions with quirky names that fit right into the nine-to-five lifestyle.

When choosing a lotion or skincare kit for your co-worker, err on the side of caution. Select a brand that doesn't use artificial scents, and opt for a product that's natural and safe for sensitive skin.

Choose something rich and hydrating rather than watered down. If you choose a drugstore brand, you've made a mistake. Many cheaper lotion brands have irritants and preservatives that cause more harm than good, especially in dry environments.

With these simple gift options, you can show your co-workers how grateful you are to share this experience we call work with them.

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