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Why these Times are Perfect for Amateur Radio Geeks

Ham radio, often called Amateur radio, is a typically geeky hobby. It essentially involves radio operators or hams talking to each other through strangely complex equipment over UHF and VHF frequencies. Although amateur radio is a hobby with an unfashionable reputation, that assumption might be totally unwarranted as there’s no better time for amateur radio geeks given the numerous practical advantages it offers.In this short guide Walcott Radio, a reputable online CB shop highlights a few benefits of this wonderful technology

It’s One of the Earliest Social Networks

One of the key attractions of amateur radio is communication – by having a ham radio license, operators certainly have the means to communicate with a big international community for free. Operators often tune into radio frequencies to get on “the net” the informal word for a platform where users meet to interact. While many platforms exist for general communication, some are dedicated to specific purposes, like transmitting important messages, or discussing common issues of interest. Some amateur radio operators have even traced their communications with astronauts from the International Space Station. This practically demonstrates how far the range of radio communication can cover.

A Great Way to Serve the Community

While casual interactions are one of the first things that draw people to amateur radio, operators also serve a broader purpose. In times of emergency, many conventional communication technologies fail. During such times, radio frequencies are used to relay critical information to assist those in need, and amateur radio operators will work with emergency service providers to help relay these communications. Ham radio operators also work with public service agents and help with relief efforts in times of crisis or natural disasters. Consequently, amateur radio offers interested operators an important avenue for volunteering.

An Opportunity to Acquire New Tech Skills

Despite the fact that amateur radio is one of the earliest radio technologies, the hobby has embraced the modern advancements of the digital age. Ham radio operators usually experiment with electronics, and many operators opt to communicate over high frequency digital bands. Ham radios can also be linked with computers and other digital technologies to relay text or data over radio frequencies. Amateur radio also offers an opportunity for operators to learn technologies like Morse code, which is still a popular skill within the ham community.

Perfect for disaster preparedness

Amateur Radio is gaining ground in the media and mainstream view. Some of this might be due to the fact that we are living in a time where an internet outage can cause terror and despair for many, but more so because regular citizens are starting to realize that ham radio is something that you can use to communicate with others on top of having a cool hobby.

The new generation of ham radio operators are rebranding the hobby to something that regular people can understand: disaster preparedness.

If you’re toying with the idea of becoming a ham radio operator, you can start off your equipment search at a reputable online CB shop and learn more about how to get started.

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