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Why Chingari is India’s Fastest-Growing Social Platform

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When discussing the social media superstar platforms of the world, your mind instantly goes to large-scale corporations like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. But, over recent years, Indian socio infotainment platform Chingari has been making waves, edging ever-closer to becoming a global household name.

With an active user base of over 35 million, over 70 million account sign-ups, and being named the Top Social Networking App in India by the Government of India, Chingari has quickly become India’s fastest-growing social platform.

But, considering this application is barely three years old, how has Chingari become a hit so quickly?

In this article, we’ll be exploring Chingari, demonstrating how the unique blend of features, cryptocurrency, and fortunate circumstances have led to its explosion in popularity.

What is Chingari?

Centered around the dream of allowing everyone - no matter who they are, which language they speak, or what background they come from - to create a monetizable social media audience, Chingari has positioned itself as a springboard for the influencers of tomorrow.

After achieving 78 million downloads in the first year of its launch, Chingari came out of the gates running. This strong 2018 start has continued over the last few years, with Chingari now being India’s fastest-growing social platform. But, more than just social media, Chingari offers users an entire ecosystem that they can take advantage of.

From TikTok style short videos and eCommerce integration to course creation academies and even a multiplex in-app cinema, Chingari has expanded in all directions, pulling in a huge user base.

What’s more, Chingari, which itself is built on Solana, has introduced a cryptocurrency into the application, which boosts engagement and acts as the native token for the platform. With the actions of launching and integrating $GARI into Chingari, the application has instantly brought 35 million active users on-chain, empowering a new generation of crypto users.

With content creators having major stakes in the application, both through earning $GARI and voting for new features, this community-driven app has made waves in the little time it’s been around.

Catching Momentum

As much as Chingari has a range of unique features, devoted fanbase, and a clever cryptocurrency system, it would be wrong not to mention an aspect of luck.

In June of 2020, TikTok was banned in India, leaving the short-video content market up for grabs. While many businesses sought to fill this opening, none were as comprehensively developed as Chingari.

As TikTok fell, users flocked to Chingari in the masses. This mass movement of users was a point of trajectory change for the application.

What makes Chingari different from its competitors?

The combination of content creation platforms and cryptocurrency isn’t an entirely new idea. In fact, companies like Rally, Audius, and Props are all also offering their in-app ecosystems for creators to use.

However, while the business model of these other applications is similar, they’re missing one core feature that Chingari currently dominates - an active user base. Across the top 6 user platforms that combine content creation and crypto, there is a total user base of under 10 million people.

When compared to Chingari, which currently has over 70 million users signed up and counting, it becomes apparent why Chingari has complete control of this space. With a community of users who love watching and creating on the app and an average of 52 minutes a day of engagement time, Chingari has the audience set all their plans in motion.

Multiple Functionality Within the App

One of the main reasons that Chingari has been able to acquire this market lead is that it caters to a vast range of people. Instead of focusing on just one industry, like short-video content, Chingari has opened up its functionality to support an extensive range of content streams.

For example, Chingari seamlessly integrates social commerce into their application, allowing advertisers and creators alike to place products in videos, with users only needing to tap to then get a link to the website.

Additionally, Chingari offers a multiplex, letting their users pay per view for movies within the in-app cinema. This multiplex is also community-driven, with users able to see how many users have seen a certain movie or how many are currently watching a movie in the multiplex.

People-Driven Platform

Part of what makes Chingari stand out from other similar social media platforms is the emphasis they place on building a user-driven community. Instead of taking large cuts of profit from influencers on the platform, they take a small percentage, allowing users to build up impressive monthly revenues from posting on the app.

Additionally, there is a range of ways that influencers can monetize their channels, from selling shoutouts to offering 1-1 chats in return for $GARI tokens. These features allow users to make a living on the platform, further driving users to attempt to make it big on Chingari.

The in-depth functionality of Chingari, mixed with the user-forward features, has led to users flocking to the platform, further giving them the social capital they need to push the limits of their application further than any one of its competitors.

How has Chingari Leveraged Cryptocurrency to Boost its User Uptake?

The $GARI native token is the central currency for the Chingari application, with users being able to perform a range of functions through this token. The main purpose of $GARI is to empower the creator community, allowing them to earn money on the application with ease. Alongside an in-app currency that can be exchanged for USD, having cryptocurrency at the core of the application also leads to users being more actively invested in using the app.

One of the key features that drive engagement is the ability to stake your $GARI into creators. While many crypto-fanatics will be familiar with staking a cryptocurrency, the Chingari application makes it simple for those that haven’t previously been involved in cryptocurrency.

Users can stake in other influencers, betting that they’re going to become more popular over time. Not only does an influencer get royalties from this stake, but it also further incentivizes people to engage with their content. Users don’t figuratively support their favorites; their actions and interactions with an influencer’s content literally boost that influencer's value on the platform.

While the influencer will then receive more money for working on the platform, the user that staked will see their profits go further into the green due to the influencer’s success. This double incentivization system relies on $GARI, with incredible returns being seen.

By walking their users through how to use the cryptocurrency, Chingari actively empowers its community, bringing them on-chain and up to speed with how to participate in crypto.

Through $GARI, Chingari has cleverly created an ecosystem in which it’s favorable to the user to create on or interact with the platform, further pushing its success onwards.

Why Cryptocurrency?

Chingari’s cryptocurrency integration into their platform doesn’t come out of nowhere. In fact, over recent years, India has become one of the world’s largest investors in crypto. Within June 2020, India was the second in the world in terms of the percentage increase of the number of cryptocurrency investments made. Coming in at 17.4%, India was just shy of Peru’s first position of 18.3%.

India as a whole has taken to cryptocurrency with fervor, having invested over $40 billion across 20,000,000 cryptocurrency users. Additionally, $638 million of crypto funding was achieved within India during 2021.

These statistics reveal that India is positioned as one of the largest cryptocurrency investors in the world, making them a perfect market for this crypto-driven application.

Final Thoughts on Chingari’s Growth

The combination of cryptocurrency and social media collocate two viral movements, with Chingari capitalizing on both of these markets at just the right time.

With a diverse range of user-forward features, a user base of 35M+ active users, and in-app cryptocurrency that drives use even further, Chingari has made waves in the online world.

Currently, it doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon.

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