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What Are The Differences Between Rolling Papers and Blunt Wraps?

Are you confused by the terminology for rolling papers and blunt wraps? What exactly is a blunt wrap, anyway? Many people have questions about blunt wraps, wondering if these are bad for your health. Where can you buy the best blunt wraps? And when should you use rolling papers?

Here we take a closer look at the blunt wrap and the rolling paper. Learn more about what to buy and what to use right here.

Advantages of Blunt Wraps

Using a blunt wrap means that you also get the nicotine from the wrap. This is an advantage for many people who want to experience the extra intensity of the nicotine in addition to the marijuana. Many people enjoy the rush of the tobacco buzz, which can precede any effects from the cannabis. Often people describe it as being similar to the buzz from a cup of coffee. However, many people prefer to be able to experience the full flavor of the herb without the addition of the nicotine or other flavorings. This means that rolling papers would be a better choice.

Blunt wraps can be nicely rolled up and also packed tightly, and therefore are slow-burning when lit. This makes them a good choice for social situations because they last a long time and they also produce less smoke.

Also, blunt wraps can hold a lot of the herb. You don’t need to worry too much about the joint tearing or losing part of the contents. They can be rolled to hold a lot or smaller to hold less – blunt wraps are versatile in this way.

However, are blunts bad for you ? As tobacco is harmful and addictive, overuse of blunts could cause health problems in the long term. It may be more harmful to smoke blunts that use rolling papers.

Advantages of Rolling Papers

As described above, rolling papers have the benefit of being tobacco-free. If you want to avoid tobacco and the other chemicals that come along with it, rolling papers are a better choice. Rolling papers are also preferred when you want to focus on the natural taste of the herb and not the taste of tobacco. Many people prefer this, although it is a highly personal choice.

Rolling papers provide a good burn rate but many people prefer the burn rate and time of a blunt. Both have relatively slow burn times, and both are good for social smoking. However, if you do not roll a rolling paper tightly you may experience air pockets.

If you are concerned about the environment you can choose organic and pesticide-free rolling papers and those that are designed to be sustainable and less damaging to the environment. Most rolling papers are made without additives and chemicals, making them a good choice for anyone wanting to be less polluting.

Rolling papers are also convenient. They are quick to roll and they are easy to transport. You can easily carry them with you when you are on the move. And, they are the traditional choice! If it’s not broke, many people say, don’t fix it.

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