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USA Online Gambling Legislation

For years, online gambling laws in the US were massively strict and there was virtually nowhere in the States where you could enjoy online casino games. While most of the world enjoyed the fruit of the further of technology in the industry and could benefit from the ease and convenience of playing at online casinos, Americans did not have this luxury. However, over the last few years, US gambling legislation has become laxer and now, there are big changes on what is available in certain states of the US. Naturally, due to the size of the US, these effects can be felt elsewhere in the world.

State Legislation

Although the changes in the law shouldn’t be overstated, as there are still many states that do not permit gambling, they are still significant. The biggest players who have changed laws are New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada, the home of gambling. Here most of the biggest casino games are now legalised and players who live or even visit these states can now play casino favourites as and when they want. They are even setting up ways for players who participate in games such as poker to play one another from different states. This is helping to build a stronger online gambling community.

Single Sports Betting

One of the biggest changes though was the altering of draconian sporting laws. Before players could only place parlay bets, which required you to bet on a numerous game. Now they have allowed for single-sports-betting, which has meant that players can pick and choose games. While they are a long way from complete legislation as there is in Europe, these are certainly big steps in the right direction.

Europe Infiltration

One of the biggest wider effects is big-name casino companies in Europe, setting up shop in the US. There are two reasons for this. First, they saw a gap in the market with a massive customer-base to get hold of. Second, the changes in laws in the US coincided with tougher laws in Europe, particularly in big gambling nations such as the UK and Sweden. As such, casinos wanted to venture into new markets to stay ahead of the changes. Casinos with European origins, therefore, began setting up shop there, which has meant US players have more variety than before at casinos that are well known and respected, while the casinos have a new stream of revenue. Thus, it is a mutually beneficial deal for both sides of the arrangement.

World Wide Players

On the flipside of this, US-based casinos are seeing an influx of worldwide players. One thing that can be said about the US is that their bonuses are huge in comparison to other places, with some offering thousands as a welcome gift. The change is legislation has allowed players looking to get bigger bonuses to be able to log-in to US online casinos easier and benefit from these new services. Shifting from their homegrown casinos to ones stateside. As such, they are now getting more business than ever before which is helping also to further the expansion of the industry.

As such, the US is becoming a new base for casinos and the financial benefits both inside the nation and outside are becoming apparent, so it shouldn’t be long before the industry there expands even further.

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