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UR20 Cobot Unveiled by Universal Robots

Universal Robots is a Danish company founded in 2005 and is well-known for its pioneering work in the development of collaborative robots. The robots used in various industries offer versatility in their setup, enabling them to meet the requirements of specific applications.

In 2008, Universal Robots made its debut in the market with the sale of its first collaborative robot. The UR5 cobot achieved the ideal balance between complex 3D programming and an intuitive user interface. Soon after, in 2012, the first generation of UR10 cobots appeared on the market, making it possible for manufacturers to complete more extensive jobs.

Since then, Universal Robots has established a network of over 1,100 developers, suppliers, and autonomous associates who provide parts, kits, and software for their cobots.

The UR20

Universal Robots continues to expand its product line to include a new cobot that weighs 20 kilograms. Unveiled on June 21 at Automatica Fair in Munich Germany, the cobot is the most recent addition to the robust portfolio of robots that the company possesses.

The cobot designated the UR20 name features an all-new design based on the company's extensive experience in highly refined engineering. There has never been a better display of Universal Robots' unparalleled advancement in the collaborative robot space than the UR20, which features an entirely new joint design that will enable faster turnaround times and greater load capacity.

Industries will have the potential to shift the way they package and palletize thanks to its 1750 mm reach and small footprint, allowing them to do more in their current production area.

Universal Robots anticipates that the UR20 will be ideal not only for palletizing but also for welding, material handling, machine loading, and tending, as well as for technical approaches developed by its comprehensive collaboration platform.

Features of the UR20 include:

  • Enhanced and unique rates of movement in every joint (keeps strain of the robot low)

  • Feedback on product development from more than 250 partners accredited by UR+

  • It can lift to 20kg, which is 4 kg greater than the 16 kg that the UR16e cobot could previously carry as its most considerable load.

  • Its innovative, intense joint increases speed and torque inside a closed capsule by up to 30%

  • LED indication for glances at the critical information

  • Mounting options for every surface (floor, wall, ceiling)

  • Reach of 1750mm, which is 450mm longer than the UR10e's 1300mm record for the most extensive UR cobot reach

  • The maintenance of all safety certificates for currently operational UR robots is still at play with the UR20

  • The UR20 can control the position, speed, and acceleration the of the load more precisely

  • The upgraded cobot UR20 has a small footprint and simple software. The compact design of the UR20 makes it simple to install into practically any production line that already exists

  • The UR20 weighs 141.1 lbs., almost double the weight of the heaviest UR cobot, the UR10e, which weighs 73.9 lbs

  • The UR20's footprint is 245mm, 55mm larger than either the URe10's or the UR16e's footprints, which are both 190mm

  • UR20 will give full support for all of the existing URCaps

Expectations of the UR20

Universal Robots has made more than 50,000 sales of its cobots, and it has applied the insights it has gathered from working with its long-standing clientele to the development of its most recent offering. The introduction of the UR20 heralds the beginning of a new series of forward-thinking, next-generation cobots that will work in tandem with the company's extremely popular e-Series.

UR president Kim Povlsen said this about the UR20:

"Our commitment to every customer's success is reflected in the effort we put into creating our products, and the development of the UR20 is a perfect example of this. We are dedicated to quality engineering, stunning Nordic design, and an outstanding user experience from software to endcaps. The UR20 is just the beginning."

Povlsen added about the new features of the new addition and its expected benefits.

"Our expert engineers have completely re-engineered the arm while retaining the same intuitive user interface we have long been celebrated for."

"The benefits of the UR20 are significant, from faster cycle times and the ability to handle heavier loads to greater reach with a small footprint. We've also incorporated advanced software enhancements, giving users unprecedented motion control capabilities."

Kim Povlsen further said, "This is not just a bigger version of our existing cobots; it's the cobot redefined. "The UR20 is the most innovative cobot we have produced and the latest evolution in 17 years of technical experience in the robotics industry."

He further added this about their next-generation cobots: "We're launching our next generation with this high-payload model first to market because it will make end-to-end automation a reality for our customers, allowing them to use cobot automation to cover new tasks."

In addition, the UR president said this: "The next step in redefining automation will be to bring the same innovative features to a new family of cobots. So, watch this space – we can't wait to show you what the future holds."

Universal Robots anticipates that it will be possible for interested parties to place a pre-order for the UR20 by the end of the fourth quarter and will begin distributing the robots in the second quarter of 2023.

What Is The Cost Of The New Cobot?

Universal Robots has not yet provided a list price for their UR20 product as of this writing. They have stated that it will not be the most affordable option available on the market and that they will collaborate with their business partners to determine a price suitable for the market and take into account the advantages offered by the UR20.

Wrapping Up

The determination of Universal Robots to live up to the expectations of their customers is driving the company to redefine collaborative automation on a global scale. The UR20 has undergone complete rethinking, redesigning, and reconstruction from the ground up to produce one of the fastest and lightest cobots on the market today.

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