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How Regenerative Cell Treatment can Lead the Medical Field

Technology is viewed as the main thrust behind upgrades in medical services. When we take a gander at the pace of progress and late advancements, the significant impact they have engraved in our lives can never be overlooked. Various industry analysts have seen that expanded availability of treatment is perhaps the most tangible way that innovation has changed medical care. Health IT has opened up many more roads of research and examination, which permits specialists to make medical care that is way more efficient than it has ever been.

This article intended to lay light on the work of Inotech Co. Ltd as well as the perspective of the industry from Kenji Ito, the chief executive officer of Inotech Co. Ltd, which primarily centers around on cloud- based regenerative medicine cell quality management system AiCELLEX.

We want to realize the "revival of Japanese manufacturing" in the new industry of handling new products such as cells. In the life science field (medicine, health, drug discovery, cosmetics), standardization is less advanced than in other fields, and Japanese manufacturing quality is strongly expected. We would like to realize "standardization of cell quality" and encourage revolutionary discoveries in new drug discovery and safety research.

Japan is the only country that has made significant global progress in the field of cells, both legally and in terms of international standards, and we want to lead the "growth of new industries" by utilizing Japan's brand of manufacturing technology. Thank you very much for your cooperation in this interview.

Shares Kenji Ito. After working in sales at a trading company for over ten years, Kenji was selected as the chief of a subsidiary by his company leading him to be the president of Inotech Co.Ltd. Simultaneously, he completed his higher studies and graduated from Hiroshima University of Economics, Department of Business Administration in 1985.

Managing the company for almost 25 years, Inotech Co. Ltd is now aiming to build a strong presence in the global sector.

“In this day and age, 60 years old is an age where you can still work hard. As I turn 60 next year, I feel really happy to be able to live a healthy life. My vision is to see a society where people can lead a life without regrets. I sincerely hope that regenerative medicine cell therapy will become the ideal curative treatment for people who want to live fully. As a company what can we do with our skills to contribute to the eradication of cancer? We came up with a system because we wanted to contribute to the realization of a healthy return to society for people with serious diseases all over the world. With the cloud-based quality control system that we are currently working on, my wish is to provide a quality control system service with safe and reliable image processing for regenerative medicine cells all over the world, and to create a society where people can live in good health and peace of mind.“

Present Standings

According to Kenji, the following advances are vital for companies and researchers who want to analyze AI technology.

  • Automation and quality control of quality assessment and cell diagnosis for safety research.

  • Quality control of cell functions

  • Quality control for biologics creation sites

  • Improving robotization and quality control of regenerative medication cell products.

Final thoughts

The integration of advanced image processing and AI technology into the medical field can surely bring surprisingly positive results, where the life of the patient would be protected under safe technology. Provision of new quality control services through cloud computing to all industries that apply "images" is what Kenji and Inotech Co. Ltd aim for.

While technology is causing a vast shift in society as well as our daily lives, the significance of applying tech base solution to medical field must be paid attention too. Looking ahead to the near future where all individuals are capable of living fully without technological boundaries.

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