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The Perks Of Using A Private Jet During A Pandemic

So much has changed in the aviation industry since COVID-19 hit. Commercial travel plummeted since the coronavirus began as more airlines had to slash their schedules and reduce their routes with lockdown restrictions in more than 200 countries. This has, in turn, increased the demand and opportunity in the private jet industry.

Although the commercial plane companies remain resilient and still maintain COVID-19 protocols, the number of commercial flights dropped from more than 100,000 in January and February to around 78,000 in March. And approximately 29,000 in April, according to flightradar24.

As the reality of the pandemic sets in, more people are turning to charter planes as a low-risk, flexible, and hassle-free alternative to the traditional commercial airline. Not only the CEOs, celebrities, and business people but also families are getting in on it. So why consider using BitLuxTravel, Charter Private Jet?


Using private charter planes provides a safer way of flying by reducing the passengers’ exposure to security and health risks. When traveling using commercial airlines, there are around seven hundred touchpoints on every flight. And while using charter planes, passengers only encounter around twenty touchpoints, according to an analysis conducted by GlobeAir Ag – a leading European very light jet(VIJ) operator.

This means that the risk for contamination and infection is significantly reduced when flying with private jets. In addition, private jet travelers enjoy the perks of using private terminals where they can relax before their flights without the hustle of commercial airline terminals where there are so many people around. With the limited number of people traveling with private jets, both personnel and passengers interact with only a handful of people, further minimizing the risk of coronavirus exposure.

Value for your money

Private jets have become more affordable in recent years, with the cost of flying dropping by 30% to 50 %, which compared to flying first class or business class, the prices are almost the same.

If you accumulate at least 150 flight hours per year using private jets, you enjoy saving on cost over time with private travel. Traveling in large groups or a family will also give you the same benefits on saving on costs with private flights regularly than flying premium with commercial airlines.

Previously if you chartered a private jet to fly you from New York to Miami, it would cost you around $20,000 using a super-midsize jet. Today you can book the same flight traveling the same distance for around $10000. A super-midsize jet can comfortably carry up to ten passengers. The total charter price will translate to about $1000 to $1200 per passenger, according to a market study conducted by Avinode, a Swedish B2B technology company that focuses on business aviation.

Saves time

When flying commercial, you will spend around 90 minutes at airports for domestic flights and about 3 hours for international flights, and this is for a one-way trip. Using private charter planes removes all the long waiting time so travelers can choose to arrive at the private terminal 15 minutes before departure and complete all the travel procedures such as customs, immigration, and boarding in less than an hour.

For executives and business moguls, flying using private charter allows them to maximize their hours onboard by being productive and staying on top of their businesses – and with people who value their time, this means even generating profits while on air.

Private flights give the freedom and the flexibility to travel according to your schedule, making it ideal for those who are always on the go and need to fly on short notice. If you have an urgent business meeting or emergency, you can arrange to be in the air in a few hours, and you can always reschedule flights according to your needs.

When flying policies keep changing, private planes' agility is now beneficial more than ever with critical medical and repatriation flights.

Another benefit of using executive jets is that they are not tied to the same networks as commercial flights; if there is enough fuel to get you to your destination, you can always fly direct. Commercial planes fly at around 35,000 feet, while private aircraft are designed for climbing higher and flying even faster. This means that your flight is above all the sky traffic and avoids competing with the larger aircraft for space.

Enjoy a Secure and private flight.

Traveling with private jets provides unmatched privacy making it one of the most preferred traveling methods for many athletes, government officials, celebrities, and other prominent personalities. From the private terminal to the jet, travelers can be confident that their privacy is respected and protected, and they can travel in comfort away from prying eyes.

For high net worth individuals and business moguls who usually work even when traveling, private jets offer them the space, privacy, and peace of mind to conduct business. They can work with sensitive information and documents in a secure environment without the risk of corporate espionage or curious people eavesdropping.

Most pilots and crew members of private planes are highly vetted and trained to work with high-profile people.

Enjoy luxury and comfort.

Private flights feature additional amenities that are far more luxurious than commercial flights. From spacious, comfortable cabin space, plush leather seats, and an en-suite master bedroom, private jets will offer you the finest in air travel with an exceptionally comfortable and relaxing flight.

When using private flights, you have the whole cabin to yourself, so you are allowed to carry your loving pets with you on the flight and all their travel necessities, including liquids, and maximize the unlimited luggage permitted capacity.

Topping off your luxury experience is a premium selection of gourmet meals prepared by the finest chefs. Additionally, as you enjoy your flight and meals, you can enjoy the latest in-flight entertainment systems, personalized attention from the flight crew, and private terminal staff.

When it is time to land, your executive private jet crew can notify ground support to get ready for your arrival. They can organize a limousine to be prepared and waiting so that once you arrive, they can drive you to your business meeting or hotel without much hassle or delays.

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