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The Original Mouthful: McDonald's Australia Revives Legendary Big Mac Chant with a Tech Twist

This campaign doesn't just pay homage to the Big Mac; it reintroduces it to a new generation with a digital twist.

In an innovative fusion of nostalgia and cutting-edge technology, McDonald's Australia, in collaboration with DDB Sydney, adam&eveDDB, and OMD, has unveiled the full spectrum of 'The Original Mouthful' campaign. This comprehensive campaign marks the revival of the globally recognized Big Mac chant through a multi-faceted approach that bridges generations.

A press release noted that following the initial tease with a TV and out-of-home campaign earlier this month, the latest phase aims to ignite participation across demographics, celebrating the iconic Big Mac® in a manner fitting its legendary status.

Engaging the Next Generation

Central to the campaign's second phase is the reintroduction of the original Big Mac chant promotion, a throwback to 1987 that resonates with fans of the era. This time, however, the promotion transcends traditional boundaries with an Australian-first artificial intelligence challenge on Snapchat, making it a first-of-its-kind interactive experience.

Designed to captivate die-hard enthusiasts and a newer, younger audience, the challenge incorporates modern platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and MyMacca's app.

The Little Black Book reported that participants are encouraged to master the chant — "Two all-beef patties, Special Sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" — within a tight four-second window. Successful chanters earn themselves a voucher code for a complimentary small Fries and Coke®, redeemable with any purchase from the Mac Family range.

Leveraging Snap's advanced speech recognition technology, the bespoke Snapchat Lens offers users an immediate and immersive way to engage and win.

Bringing Back the Chant with a Digital Twist

This campaign doesn't just pay homage to the Big Mac; it reintroduces it to a new generation with a digital twist, allowing participants to compete from anywhere, not just in-store, as in 1987.

McDonald's Marketing Director Samantha McLeod highlights the cross-generational appeal, noting an incredible initial response that spans super fans and newcomers to the chant. The aim is to blend tradition with modern engagement, challenging fans across ages to connect with the Big Mac® in a fun, innovative manner.

Ensuring an Inclusive Experience

In an effort to ensure the campaign is accessible to all fans, McDonald's and its partners have also collaborated with disability consulting firm Get Skilled Access. This partnership aims to create inclusive opportunities for participation, especially for individuals who are non-verbal, blind, have low vision, or are deaf or hard of hearing. This inclusive approach broadens participation and enhances the overall campaign experience for a wider audience.

With this campaign, McDonald's celebrates the rich legacy of the Big Mac® and forges new connections with younger audiences, proving the timeless appeal of the world’s most famous burger chant.

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