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Tesla Cybertruck Exceeds Range Expectations in New Test, Hits 334 Miles


Publications are curious as to how many miles the all-electric pickup can travel on a single charge and whether the automaker's projections and estimates regarding the Tesla Cybertruck's range are accurate.

Tesla Cybertruck Range Test Reveals Impressive Distance On Full Charge

Several experiments have been conducted thus far, one of which involved driving the Cybertruck on the highway and yielded unfavorable outcomes, as per Teslarati.

Nevertheless, range evaluations are never identical due to the fact that a multitude of external variables, such as temperature and driving style, can have a substantial impact on the outcomes.

A new Edmunds test, on the other hand, was designed to evaluate the Cybertruck's range in favorable weather conditions; highway and city travel were not specifically evaluated. On the contrary, it seemed to comprise a balanced combination of the two, which is to be expected given that automobile purchasers will desire the most precise estimation feasible.

The examination was conducted utilizing a Dual-Motor All-Wheel-Drive setup of the Cybertruck, which, per Tesla, can travel 340 miles on all-season tires. Nevertheless, this Cybertruck was equipped with standard, as-shipped tires, which estimated its mileage at 318 miles.

Range estimates from the EPA for the Tesla Cybertruck are not yet official.

Tesla stated during the 2019 unveiling that the Dual-Motor variant would achieve over 300 miles, while the Tri-Motor would achieve over 500 miles. Edmunds inaccurately states that Tesla estimated 500 miles of range for the Dual Motor configuration, when in fact this figure was reserved for the Tri-Motor setup.

The Cybertruck's performance during the range test amounted to 334 miles of travel, which is 334 miles more than the 318 miles listed by Tesla on its website.

Indeed, the Edmunds-driven Cybertruck was devoid of the aero wheel coverings, which are intended to increase range through a reduction in drag and increase in efficiency. Tesla ceased shipping the Cybertruck with those wheel coverings recently and may return to a previous design that prevented sidewall damage to the tires.

In the Cybertruck range test video, the publication indicates that the Aero wheel coverings might have contributed to the pickup's even higher range rating.

“This is just the beginning of the Cybertruck story. With range extenders, tri-motor versions, and software updates all in the pipeline, the 334-mile figure won’t be our final say on the matter,” Clint Simone of Edmunds said.

Adin Ross Shoots Up His Tesla Cybertruck

Notable streamer and internet personality Adin Ross recently took delivery of a Tesla Cybertruck, and in classic content creator fashion, he did the most ridiculous thing you could do to it: shoot it with a gun.

This is not the first time the Tesla Cybertruck has been subjected to gunfire, as CEO Elon Musk revealed the pickup underwent a variety of gunfire “Al Capone style” to test its durability.

The Tesla Cybertruck has been marketed as one of the toughest vehicles on the market today, and the company put its money where its mouth was by testing it and releasing a video of it during the delivery event in November.

“If you’re ever in an argument with another car,” Musk said in November during the delivery event, “you will win.”

However, despite the fact that road accidents are a frequent phenomenon, encountering firearms is not the most probable consequence. In contrast, Tesla has designated the Cybertruck as a vehicle impervious to the end of the world; it is capable of enduring any test or obstacle and emerging victorious.

Photo: Sladen/Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA 4.0

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