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Tesla Amps Up Year-End Sales with Attractive Incentives on EV Models

Tesla introduces appealing incentives on electric vehicles in a strategic year-end sales effort.

It's the end of the year, and Tesla is making one more push to satisfy Wall Street's expectations for a record quarter. It will be difficult for the battery-electric vehicle market leader to sell over 500,000 vehicles in the face of rising borrowing rates and increased EV competition. Instead of price reduction, Tesla is employing incentives to shift metal.

Tesla Is Increasing Incentives in Year-End Volume Push

Barron's investigated incentives on Tesla automobiles in stock. Buyers may save nearly $4,000 on some Model Y vehicles, as well as six months of free supercharging. The charging benefit can be worth up to $900, depending on how devoted a driver is to utilizing the free charging.

Total incentives can exceed 8% of the transaction price. According to automotive data provider Kelly Blue Book, the average incentive on new car purchases in the United States in October was around 5% of the transaction price.

That is less than Tesla's, but Tesla's typical incentive levels are less than 8%. The majority of Tesla automobiles are customized through the company's website.

For months, incentives in the US auto sector have been gradually increasing. They averaged less than 3% of transaction prices throughout much of 2022, historically low levels, and down from above 9% in October 2022.

Tesla's incentives now cover the whole vehicle portfolio. Incentives on some Model 3 vehicles, including free charging, can equal over 10% of the purchase price. Tesla is also providing $1,000 off Model S and X automobiles to some Cybertruck reservation holders.

Tesla is attempting a rebound quarter after delivering approximately 435,000 units in the third quarter, down from approximately 466,000 in the second quarter. Wall Street expects the business to sell around 475,000 devices in the fourth quarter, which would be a record for the company.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, Tesla shipped around 405,000 units. Wall Street expected around 420,000 units, and the stock dropped more than 12% on the first trading day of 2023. Slowing deliveries also indicated Tesla's pricing decreases in 2023.

The performance version of a Model Y began at around $63,000 in late 2022. It now starts at about $52,500. Tesla stock has held up well in the face of price reduction. Shares began trading about $123 per share in 2023.

Following the dismal delivery performance and subsequent price reduction, they fell to about $100 per share. Shares begin the week at about $244 per share, up more than 100% from their lows in 2023. The excellent performance raises the stakes for a fourth-quarter delivery number, which is usually released on January 2.

After digesting the delivery statistic, investors must assess what increased incentives mean for profit margins. Operating profit margins were 7.6% in the third quarter, down nearly 10% year on year.

Operating profit margins are expected to be around 9% in the fourth quarter, according to Wall Street. Doing so when incentives are rising will be another issue for Tesla.

Elon Musk's Perspective on Tesla's Role in a Netflix Film Generates Interest

Elon Musk has recently replied to Netflix movies that use his Tesla. The streaming giant's new star-studded film, “Leave the World Behind,” has received a lot of attention after the business entrepreneur responded to a video clip from the film on his self-owned social media site, X, formerly Twitter.

Ryan O'Neal's Love Story costar Ali MacGraw describes him as “charming” in tribute after his death. "Teslas can charge from solar panels even if the world goes fully Mad Max and there is no more gasoline!" the Tesla exec responded.

His tweet drew a lot of attention almost away, as netizens began to comment on it. One of them remarked, per Geo TV, "The best thing about LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND is it triggered Elon."

The film also took advantage of the chance and quickly responded with a marketing approach that stated, "My movie Leave The World Behind is now streaming on Netflix." The film “Leave The World Behind” portrays a family whose luxury vacation on Long Island is cut short by a statewide blackout.

Photo: Bram Van Oost/Unsplash

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