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Situations Where You Might Need a Criminal Defense Law Professional in Queens NY

The two primary designations for legal cases are civil and criminal. In the former, nobody presses charges against each other. Instead, they only seek compensation. On the other hand, the latter involves criminal offenses and often leads to jail time or some other form of punishment. No matter who you are, you will want to hire a lawyer for both designations, and especially in criminal cases. Below, we present some typical situations where you might need a criminal defense lawyer in Queens NY.

Drug Charges

Drug charges are some of the most common in Queens, and receiving one definitely warrants hiring a criminal defense law expert. The first reason why is complexity, as different drugs and behaviors each have different procedures for dealing with them. The second reason is that there is no standard punishment for each charge. Instead, a judge will look at each case and personalize your penalty. Having a lawyer at your side goes a long way in arguing that your punishment should be lessened or thrown out entirely.

Getting a DUI

Another typical criminal case is getting a DUI. While many think that this charge is not a big deal, it is actually very serious. Not only is it costly, but driving drunk can also lead to jail time. These factors combine to make getting a lawyer a prudent choice. When you do, you’ll have a professional advising you on how to handle every decision you come to in your case.


This type of crime is prevalent in Queens. It comes in two variants. First, people accuse strangers of assaulting them, which is usually accompanied by alcohol, a robbery, or both. Second, people that know each other often get into fights. When the result is a severe injury, this altercation frequently turns into a criminal case.

Cyber Crimes

Though the rise of the internet has brought us many favorable developments, there are some negatives to it as well. One of them is cyber crimes, which have become incredibly common. The most common of them are phishing scams, which usually involve someone emailing another person under false pretenses and convincing them to surrender personal information. These internet scams are serious offenses, and they warrant an attorney if you are accused of one.

Disorderly Conduct

This type of crime is one that people often don’t take as seriously as they should. It involves behaviors like accosting, soliciting, loitering, and offering to engage. Each of them is against the law. While these transgressions often do not lead to serious charges on a first offense, every case is different. If you have a criminal record or your actions were especially harmful, you could end up with a severe punishment. A lawyer will help protect you from that scenario playing out.

Domestic Charges

Violence in the home is so common that the law gives it its own designation. For this reason, the abuse of family will not fall under the broader category of assault. Instead, it will have its own name and associated punishment. What is difficult about these charges is that family issues are rarely simple. You could be accused of committing reprehensible behavior, but those accusations misrepresent the situation. An attorney can help by skillfully telling your side of the story.


Lastly, many people fall victim to theft charges. These can come from a variety of scenarios, but the most common of them are home invasions, stealing from friends or family, and robbing stores. Each comes with its own set of potential punishments and complications, all of which will be understood by your lawyer.

We hope that after reading this article, you now know when to talk to a criminal defense lawyer. The simple fact of the matter is that people who represent themselves rarely succeed. Instead, your best bet is choosing to hire a professional and utilizing the wealth of knowledge and expertise that comes with it.

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