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Safe365 Mobile App Ensures Elderly Parents AreSafe andHappy

Safe365 recently announced the debut of its mobile telecare application. The free-to-download mobile app is the first telecare app designed for senior citizens and their caretakers, such as family members and friends. A 2014 Census Bureau report titled “65+ in the United States: 2010” projects that by the year 2050 the population of over 65 will comprise 20.9% of the entire population.

“While global aging represents a triumph of medical, social and economic advances,” the authors of the report wrote, “it also presents tremendous challenges that affect economic growth, formal and informal social support systems and the ability of states and communities to provide resources for older citizens. Both individuals and society need to prepare for population aging; the cost of waiting — financial and social — could be overwhelming.”

Safe365 is the first free mobile telecare app for senior citizens. Through this app, family members and friends of elderly individuals will always know the whereabouts of their loved ones and if they are following their usual schedules or daily routine with the app’s machine-learning software. The company is hopeful that its product will provide peace of mind to family members and their elders supported by fact-based information.

The mobile-app developer wants everybody’s parents and grandparents to be protected from harm and to feel safe, involved and connected with their families and friends because of Safe365.

Elderly family members will be able to keep in touch with their loved ones, and vice-versa, on a 24/7 year-round basis with the Safe365. Along with delivering telecare capabilities that enhance safety and security, the new app also provides a social media channel that connects senior citizens to a digital platform while maintaining communications with family members and friends.

The mobile-telecare app features a GPS tracking device, machine-learning-based pattern-detection software. The app’s ML-driven, pattern-detection software records tracking data over time of the whereabouts of elderly loved ones, establishing recognizable patterns, ensuring their safety with a pattern-detection feature as an additional layer of security.

The Safe365 mobile app uses the input to output mappings, also known as A to B mappings, to hone its pattern-developing capabilities. The app provides a security system for elderly family members with their family or friends being able to verify their whereabouts at any time. It also has an emergency button, so if help would be needed, a senior citizen could get assistance through the emergency-response protocol of the app.

This is a personal issue for the management team at Safe365. They feel that people become too busy to provide enough time to look after the wellbeing of their elders. This type of behavior can make elderly people feel disconnected from the hyper-connected, digitized world. The app bridges that gap with its social network for seniors, family members, and friends.

Users of the app can post photographs and text on the built-in social platform. The posts appear in a scrolling social feed. It is a welcoming communication platform for seniors to keep in touch and stay plugged into their social networks. The app also is a relationship builder as well as a security-enhancement product for protecting the wellbeing of senior citizens.

“With Safe365, elders feel truly connected with their families or caretakers. They even get back the authority they once had as they can ask their children or grandchildren about their mood and how they are feeling today with a single tap,” said Guillem Viladomat, CEO for Safe365. “In addition, our elders get to experience what it's like to get ‘likes’ on anything. They discover that instant gratification accomplished by giving their family a ‘like’.”

Founded in 2017, Safe365 is on a mission to become a world leader in healthcare-related mobile apps and the development of daily routine pattern detection software. The company seeks to extend the time that senior citizens can remain self-reliant with the use of its mobile app. The firm seeks to capitalize on its unique position as the trailblazer of this industry. There are no competitors currently offering the same services as the Safe365 mobile app except for one, which offers only GPS-related services to this new and expanding market.

As the population of the elderly continue to grow, expect apps like Safe365 to be a critical tool in making sure they are both happy and safe.

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