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Reasons to Hire a Lawyer for Car Accidents

Car accidents do make up for a significant percentage of the on-road statistical data. Especially when it comes to Queensland, where the data alone states the alarming rate of fatalities and injuries every year, it is important to be prepared for the worst. Obviously an accident poses a huge danger on the life and well-being of a person but it also takes a toll on the property. In most cases, an accident is the fault of rash driving on part of the other party and therefore it seems very unfair if the victim has to bear the loss, financial or otherwise.

To hire or not hire a lawyer is a decision that puts people in a great dilemma. However, one of the major reasons why most people prefer to stay away from the legal route is because they are not completely aware of how it could assist them. So, if you are facing a similar dilemma, here are our reasons to find a lawyer immediately in case of a car accident.

More than just economic loss

The most dreaded aspect of an accident is not the economic loss suffered by the victim but the harm done to mental peace and calm. The sheer mental trauma of being involved in an accident and the realisation that your life had been endangered because of the negligence of some other party is not a thought which can be easily shunned. Road safety is the collective liability of all individuals and if the very carelessness of one person results in the other person suffering loss of life and property, then the responsible party must be penalised for the same.

Hiring a lawyer for such cases ensures that the victim shall be served justice duly. The lawyer is aware of possible scenarios involved in the case and helps you to be served rightly by the law. Moreover, if there is an insurance claim involved with the vehicle, it is also advisable to find a lawyer in order to prevent yourself being duped by the insurer.

Legal nuances

Since a car accident includes the involvement of official authorities, it is essential that you must make yourself familiar with the nuances of a legal framework to avoid unnecessary perils. If you have been wronged by the other party in an accident and seek justice, a case must be filed within the statute of limitations for trial. The statute of limitations starts from the day of accident and is available for a period of two years, within which a case can be registered. However, if the party is involved in a government entity, then the deadline becomes shorter, lasting only six months. Moreover, you can only file a case once you have complied with the “ante litem deadlines”.

Preserving the evidence

Filing a case without evidence is a direct invitation to being laughed out of the court. Collection of evidence is a sensitive responsibility as there are times when even a TV recording can turn into a piece of evidence. Obviously, it is impossible for a layman to comprehend what amounts to solid evidence. Therefore, the onus of caution is transferred to the lawyer who has the skills and resources to understand how the evidence can be utilised to demand justice. Hiring an attorney for accidents becomes mandatory if the severity of injuries is intense. Since there are multiple parties associated in the accident, it is important to set your stance since the beginning of the accident. This will ensure fair compensation on part of the liable party.

Medical overheads

Undoubtedly, an accident causes great deal of trauma on the victim. While in most cases, the trauma is physical, it has also been observed that many victims suffer mental traumas. Now, while monetary compensation cannot reinstate a healthy state of mind, it can certainly help the victim and his family to cope with the injury. Moreover, if the vehicle has also suffered damages, it becomes the legal responsibility of the other party to either compensation or reimburse for the repairs. Now, this will require a legal counsel in order to decide the right course of action.

Negotiating with insurance companies

In the event of your car suffering damages, you will need the insurance companies to reimburse you the necessary claim for damages. However, negotiating a deal with your insurer is not a piece of cake especially if the accident involves carelessness on your part. Here you will need a legal representative who can walk you through the nuances of insurance claim and help you receive it at the earliest. Most insurance companies have contracts which are so intricately framed so as to provide them maximum protection from any unforeseen situation.

Chance or choice

Hiring a lawyer in such cases is a choice that you will have to make based on the factors that caused the accident and its direct repercussions. An attorney can certainly give you the right advice when it comes to filing the charges or communicating with third parties like witnesses to the accident.

If you have been trapped in a situation and it becomes absolutely essential to talk, it is always advisable to talk to an attorney first. However, it is totally understandable why some people are hesitant to hire a lawyer for the very reason that it may add to their financial liabilities. While most attorneys claim a hefty amount of money without even guaranteeing a win, we at smith lawyers have a pragmatic approach towards our clients. It is for this reason why we are one of the rare no win no fee lawyers Queensland and demand compensation only when we deserve it.

Quantifiable outcomes

A legal representative adds weight to your case and also sends a strong message to the other party that you mean business. With an expert team of highly qualified professionals, you can actually increase your chances of winning.

Hiring an attorney in case of an accident is always advisable. However, you must ensure that your legal representative is someone who understands your case and advises you on what is right for you.

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