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OSRS Twisted League is Now Underway

Rejoice, Old School RuneScape fans! A brand new game mode has arrived for the game in the form of the Twisted League. This is the first RuneScape League in which players can take to limited-time servers to perform tasks in restricted areas. Trading restrictions also apply as well as boosted experience rates in these leagues. Completing the said tasks for Relics and League Points, rather than perennially chasing OSRS gold, will be the main focus of this league. These serve to mix the gameplay experience up even more.

OSRS Leagues

Many players who have dedicated their time to OSRS will find it interesting to hear that there is a new game mode. OSRS Leagues mix up the usual gameplay of the popular MMO title, resulting in an experience that sees players starting afresh, with a new list of tasks.

Leagues bring a new dynamic to the game. Players will start void of stats or items. The progress you have made within the normal OSRS game will also not be affected. You will receive league-to-league rewards that will carry over. Keep in mind that whatever progress that you have made in one league will not carry over into the next.

In the Twisted League, players will only be able to access two areas. These will be Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands, where trading isn't allowed. The league is currently underway and will run until January 16 2020. There are rules that you will need to follow in this league which can be found below.

Rules and Stats

Players are to be restricted to the Great Kourend and Kebos Lowlands areas as discussed. If you manage to escape these areas, then you will be teleported back to the respawn point. The respawn point is currently set to Kourend Castle. The teleports here will only serve these two destinations and ports won't work. If you have a player-owned house, then this will be locked to Hosidius.

It isn't all about restrictions though. Players will notice that certain shops will have more stock, and will restock even faster than before. Shops will even stock the Barbarian Rod which will allow players to partake in Barbarian Fishing. Despite having a blank account, you will be granted Herblore and Agility. This is so you can perform certain tasks that will allow you to progress in specific areas.

Quest Requirements

If you want to use certain items or level particular skills, then there are quests that you will need to have completed. For example, to gain access to Herblore, you will need to have completed the Druidic Ritual quest. Dragon Slayer meanwhile will allow you to equip Rune Platebody, green Dragonhide Body, and the Anti-Dragon Shield. Also, Rune Mysteries as well as Eagle's Peak will be needed to access Rune Essence and Box Traps respectively.

Tasks and Other Features

Throughout the Twisted League, there will be several tasks to perform. These will help players to improve their character by unlocking relics and earning league points. The difficulty levels range from Easy to Medium, Hard, Elite, and Master. Easy tasks will award players with 10 league points. Medium and Hard meanwhile will earn 50 and 100 respectively. If you really want to challenge yourself, then you should consider Eilte as it offers 250 points. Finally, Master tasks will net you 500 points, should you try them. There are 495 tasks to complete across these difficulty levels so there is plenty for you to do.

If you manage to gain a pet in the Twisted League, then they are insured for free. These pets will also be carried over into future leagues if you choose to take part in them. Any lost pets can be regained via the Leagues Tutor free of charge. There are also several rewards available to you that can take back to the main game. These range from cosmetic outfits to decorations for your in-game home depending on how many points you earn.

The Twisted League brings a brand new outlook on Old School RuneScape with the introduction of leagues. Rather than the usual task of hunting down OSRS Gold, you will be performing tasks for Relics and League Points. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules beforehand!

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