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Netizen Awards becomes a hot topic in South Korea

Netizen Awards

The '2023 Netizen Awards' in South Korea is drawing so much attention because it is an event where netizens can vote and become the judge themselves. Fans are able to vote directly for their favorite stars, making the event a platform where the artists and fans can interact since the winning stars can instantly see how much the netizens value and support them through their votes.

On the other hand, fans will be very happy to see their favorite stars taking home the award and feel appreciated when artists express sincere gratitude for their efforts and votes. The fans and artists are indeed making history together through the Netizens Awards, as the recognitions are given out with fairness since it is the fans who are voting for the winners.

The event is being held in Korea, but the award-giving body is planning to make voting available for netizens outside of the country as well. Currently, the 2023 Netizens Awards has already attracted more than 100,000 voters in just 10 days after its launch, and K-pop fans worldwide are also keeping an eye on it.

Officials further said that the awards only prove just how powerful the strong bond between stars and fans is. The special bond creates a great synergy of harmony resulting in the success of the entertainment industry.

Some of the superstars with high votes are those leading the K-pop scene, such as BTS and BlackPink. Other top stars on the list include singers leading the trot trend in South Korea, such as Song Ga In, Lim Young Woong, and Kim Hojoong.

In any case, the Netizen Awards picks candidates based on their popularity on SNS, media, broadcasting, and portal sites in Korea and abroad. Other finalists will be selected by combining all the nominations through the integrated bulletin board of the awards ceremony.

Everyone can participate in voting for the Netizen Awards, and fans can also check out the changes in the rankings, vote percentages, and the number of votes in real-time through the award's website. Finally, it should be noted that there the awards-giving body also set rules for fans who want to join the voting dubbed as the "10 Commandments":

1. Please cherish and support your star.
2. Avoid using hurtful language or insults.
3. Actively participate in voting.
4. Love your family as much as you love your star or nominee.
5. Let us not hate other stars and nominees.
6. Let us focus on the Netizen Awards and enjoy the moment.
7. Ballot stuffing is not allowed.
8. Let us be mindful of the information we share and avoid spreading of fake news.
9. Let us not be greedy and appreciate the value of each vote.
10. Let us celebrate the success of the stars. Do not be jealous about the popularity ranking of other artists.

The Netizens Awards is asking fans to follow these to make the ceremony sincere and pleasant for everyone.

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