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Mountain Valley MD Pursues Ambitious Initiatives, Including Partnership With FDA

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the spotlight squarely on medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that work to create solutions for these medical issues. One standout in this field is Mountain Valley MD (MVMD), which has recently announced a number of important initiatives to help in the treatment of a variety of illnesses and medical conditions. The International Business Times recently published an article exploring the many ambitious projects currently underway at MVMD and praising the company for its many accomplishments.

MVMD was founded in 2018 and has rapidly risen to the top of the biotechnology field thanks to its innovative approaches to some of the most challenging issues facing the medical community today. The company has created a number of proprietary solutions that have made it easier to deliver medical care for patients during the pandemic and that will have an impact on medical treatments well into the future.

MVMD is making its mark on the biotech and medical industries. Here are some of the most important initiatives currently in progress or in the planning stages at MVMD.

A Two-year Collaborative Research Agreement with the FDA

MVMD has formally agreed to enter into a two-year collaborative research project with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This project will focus on cold chain supply processes and methods of maintaining a temperature-controlled supply chain for medications that require this method of transport.

The Global Cold Chain Alliance identifies cold chain systems as methods for managing transport and chain of custody for perishable products, including vaccines and other medications. This is necessary to promote safety and quality for these products from point of origin straight through to the delivery destination.

Cold chain supply methodologies rose to the forefront of medical research and media coverage because of the refrigeration requirements of COVID-19 vaccines. Researching new ways to manage cold chain supply requirements is essential to speed delivery and avoid waste when managing these transport activities.

MVMD will be working with the FDA to assess the ability to preserve vaccines using a thin layer of Quicksome™ to encapsulate and protect the vaccine. Quicksome™ is an advanced desiccated liposome technology that will be used in conjunction with Inactivated Polio Vaccine to determine whether this could be a safe and effective alternative to traditional cold chain supply systems.

Production of Ivectosol™ and Phase 1 Human Trials

Ivermectin is an FDA-approved antiparasitic that has shown some promise in treating other medical issues as well. MVMD has developed a proprietary form of Ivermectin known as Ivectosol™ that is almost 5,000 times as soluble in water as Ivermectin. Ivectosol™ requires no organic solvents and offers high bioavailability, which allows easier administration for humans and animals alike.

Medical Daily reports that MVMD is working with researchers in Phase 1 human trials that will put Ivectosol™ to the test to determine its safety and efficacy in treating COVID-19. This treatment option could help patients with certain strains of COVID-19 to combat the disease more effectively.

Ivectosol™ was already in development at MVMD before the COVID-19 pandemic began. The drug was originally intended to assist in making Ivermectin a feasible option for the treatment of some common cancers. The highly soluble nature of Ivectosol™ would allow the delivery of Ivermectin directly into the cancer cells to provide the most effective treatment for these oncology issues.

MVMD is exploring the possibility of using Ivectosol™ as a treatment for COVID-19 as a means of providing added help in areas hardest hit by the pandemic. If Ivectosol™ proves its worth in clinical trials, it could become a key part of the medical arsenal against this very serious disease.

Patent Application for Direct Intratumoral Injection for Oncology

On a related note, MVMD has applied for a patent on its direct intratumoral injection methods using Ivectosol™. The low viscosity and high solubility of this medication will make it a valuable tool in fighting a wide range of cancers.

Pre-clinical trials are already underway to determine the effectiveness of Ivectosol™ in treating metastatic melanoma, Lewis Lung Carcinoma and triple-negative breast cancer. If the treatment proves successful, human phase trials could begin later this year.

Ivectosol™ for Animal Husbandry Applications

Animal trials have begun to determine whether Ivectosol™ produces superior results in treating parasites in poultry, cattle, goats and swine. Initial results are extremely promising and show that needleless dosing of these animals with Ivectosol™ is safe and produces the desired results. The trials were supervised by the Ministry of Fisheries & Livestock in the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Further trials are expected to expand the scope of testing for Ivectosol™ in these animal populations.

Approval of Quicksol™ Trademark and Solubility Patent

Another major achievement for MVMD is the approval of its patent and significant progress on its trademark application for Quicksol™. The solubility technology used in the Quicksol™ process has been used with considerable success in creating a formulation of Ivermectin capable of being injected directly into tumors. The protections afforded by the patent and pending trademark will allow MVMD to continue its research into the uses for and advantages of Quicksol™ for medical use.

Research for the Use of Quicksol™ for Selamectin

Quicksol™ is also being used to develop a new potential treatment for tuberculosis. Selamectin is a macrocyclic lactone that is almost completely insoluble in water. The Quicksol™ process, however, has been applied to Selamectin to create a new product called Selactosol™, which can be much more easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

According to figures compiled by Science Daily, tuberculosis is responsible for 1.4 million human deaths each year. Cows and other animals can also contract tuberculosis and can spread it to humans. Finding a practical and effective treatment for tuberculosis in humans and in animals is a key reason for MVMD's development of Selactosol™ as a therapeutic option for tuberculosis sufferers.

Comparison of MVMD Adjuvant With Alhydrogel Adjuvant

MVMD is currently working in partnership with the Tulane University School of Medicine to determine the strengths and weaknesses of MVMD's adjuvant compared to existing Alhydrogel vaccine adjuvants. If successful, this partnership could eventually produce even more powerful and effective vaccines for the medical community.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines adjuvants as ingredients that augment or improve the function of vaccines by boosting the immune response produced. Some of the most common adjuvants include aluminum hydroxide, aluminum potassium sulfate and aluminum phosphate.

The Tulane University research trials are using fractional doses of Inactivated Polio Vaccine to test responses and effectiveness for the MVMD adjuvant and to compare them with existing adjuvants. While initial trials were not as promising as had been hoped, MVMD is moving ahead with the research study to determine if changes can be made to enhance the performance of the MVMD adjuvant in vaccine production.

Cannabis Product Formulations for Future Licensing Agreement

Medical and recreational marijuana products are gaining widespread acceptance across the United States and Canada. Cannabis products contain active ingredients that include cannabidiol (CBD), a powerful pain reliever, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the chemical compound that produces psychoactive effects in cannabis consumers.

MVMD is currently working with a cannabis company in North America to formulate cannabis solutions that include the following:

  • A THC product for recreational use

  • A CBD topical cream for pain relief

  • A THC sleeping aid

Once the formulation process is complete, MVMD will enter into a license agreement with its partner to begin production of these products for the North American marketplace.

Still the Right Time to Invest in Biotech

Despite recent market volatility, ZeroHedge is recommending that investors take a second look at the biotech sector as a likely bright spot in the financial marketplace. Finding the right investments in this crowded sector, however, could be a real challenge for all but the most knowledgeable investors.

Here are a few key questions to ask before investing money in a biotech firm:

  • Look at what the company has already accomplished and what they are doing now. Are these activities relevant to current demands and pain points in the medical industry? Do they make sense in terms of scope and scale?

  • Are the company's activities diverse enough to provide lasting success? Companies that focus narrowly on just one aspect of biotech could fall prey to the "one-and-done" syndrome that often affects start-ups in this sector.

  • Does the company have working partnerships with other agencies or organizations? Demonstrating an ability to work with research institutions and with government agencies can provide a little added assurance about the security of investment funds.

  • Are they looking to the future? Making sure that the company is not neglecting future prospects in favor of immediate returns is another key to a successful investment strategy in the biotechnology sector.

Companies like MVMD are making all the right moves in biotech to secure their place as both a profitable investment and as a force for innovation in the medical field. MVMD is definitely one to watch for investors and medical professionals alike.

A Biotech Star on the Rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically illustrated the need for greater innovation and forward-thinking strategies in the medical and biotech field. MVMD is positioned to make significant advances on behalf of patients and to continue its current reign as an undisputed leader in the development of new treatments for COVID-19, cancer, tuberculosis and many other medical conditions that affect the lives and well-being of patients around the world.

MVMD has built its operational model on a simple principle that can be summed up as doing the most good for the most people in the most efficient ways. This clear and practical approach is likely to help the company continue to succeed well into the foreseeable future.

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