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Microsoft Surface Book 3 to offer features for great work and play experience; Machine also promises fast-charging time

Photo by: Microsoft Surface/Facebook

Microsoft Surface Book 3 is set to arrive soon, and tech enthusiasts are expecting it to come with multiple new functions that will take advantage of the newest technology available today. As suggested by its name, this is Microsoft’s third offering in its line of Surface Books.

While Microsoft has been quiet about Microsoft Surface Book 3, the details about the machine are already out. However, they still need to be verified by the tech company since they were sourced from alleged leaked reports.

What to expect in the third-gen Surface Book

Based on the details that were already posted online, it will be the best laptop from Microsoft to come out yet. This is due to the make and internal components of the machine. Predictions also suggested that the Microsoft Surface Book 3 will be one of most sought-after gadgets when it arrives as its features and design will be irresistible, especially for tech lovers.

Fast-charge feature

One of the most common problems that laptop users encounter is the slow charging times. This is important because users these days need to always be on the go and time is so precious that long waiting time for the unit to be full-charged is truly a great hassle.

But with the Microsoft Surface Book 3, this will not be an issue anymore because the unit will have longer battery life that is enough for uninterrupted work and play, but charging will be faster than ever before. It was said that this unit would come packed with amazing features, but its battery will be able to provide the needed power for long uninterrupted use.

To achieve this, Microsoft developed the system called the “Parallel Charging and Discharging of Batteries with Disparate Characteristics and had it patented so it will be exclusive for the upcoming Surface Book 3 only.

A machine that’s great for both work and play

The Microsoft Surface Book 3 was designed for gamers as well as for business. Thus it can be described as an all-around machine that can transform from being a gaming gadget to a machine for business or study. It is ideal for gaming because it has the hardware and processor that can accommodate the needs of gamers.

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