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Latest Commitment of Traders positions (Commodities) as at April 19th, 2016

CFTC commitment of traders report was released on Friday (22nd April) and cover positions up to Tuesday (19th April). COT report is not a complete presenter of entire market positions, however it represents a good chunk of institutional traders, to have a feel of what expected by the big players.

Kindly note in some cases numbers are rounded to nearest decimal.

  • Gold – Net position long and increasing

Gold net long position saw another increase by speculators but this time it’s marginal. Net long position increased by 3030 contracts to +216.8K contracts.

  • Copper – Net position short and increasing

Copper saw another week of increase in short position suggesting speculators betting further sharp drop in red metal. In last four weeks net short position increased by 25000 around contracts. In last week, copper net short position were increased by -2195 contracts to -24.5K contracts.

  • Silver – Net position long and increasing

Last week’s outperformance by silver makes sense as speculators again sharply increased long bets by 8960 contracts to +71.42K contracts.

  • WTI Crude – Net position long and increasing

Speculators sharply increased net long position by 45,014 contracts to +334.2K contracts.

  • Natural gas – Net position short and decreasing

Speculators reduced net short position as natural gas rose last week. Net short position were reduced by 9037 contracts to -133.3K contracts.




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