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Jungkook car accident update: BTS member’ case has been forwarded to prosecution

Photo by: BTS/Facebook

Jungkook of the BTS boy band was involved in a car accident in late October, and he admitted that he was at fault. The incident was reported late by the media, so fans were surprised when the news came out in the first week of November this year.

Fans were worried when they heard about the vehicular mishap, but they were assured that Jungkook is fine. In fact, both himself and the other party were fortunately unhurt in the incident. It was mentioned that the idol singer had a collision with a taxi along Hannam-dong, Seoul.

Jungkook did not deny his mistake

CNN News reported that Jungkook immediately admitted that he was at fault. Right at the scene where the traffic violation took place, he told the officers that he committed a traffic light violation, and it caused an accident.

But then again, investigations revealed that Jungkook is clearly not drunk or under the influence at the time of the accident. It was said that the BTS member settled the case with the taxi driver on the spot since no one is hurt. This means he paid an undisclosed amount to the other party.

But even when the case has been settled already, the police continued to investigate it. And legal experts stated that he could be fined more if the other party brings a medical certificate showing he was injured.

"If there are people who got seriously injured, there is a possibility for a greater penalty, but so far, there are none reported, Koreaboo quoted the Yongsan Police as saying. “If there are only physical damages, Jungkook may be required to pay administrative fines and settlements.”

The update on the case - Investigators forwarded papers to the prosecution

In the latest update, Allkpop reported that the officers at the Yongsan Police Station who were assigned to the investigation of Jungkook’s car accident case had forwarded the papers to the prosecution office. With the development, the office is expected to release any judgment at any time. But most likely, Jungkook may only be fined and get a warning for the case.

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