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Instagram Gain - Top 3 Sites to Get Quality Followers in 2021

Social media and Instagram, in particular, have allowed brands to reach people that would have been impossible or challenging to connect with otherwise. However, a common metric that people use to check authority and validity in a field is the number of followers the person or brand has.

Therefore, it has become a necessity for brands or people who want to have authority in a field to increase their Instagram followers. There is a lot of information out there to parse through about buying Instagram followers, which could take hours to check. To help you avoid the hassle, we have combined all the necessary information you need in one place, so you know how to buy Instagram followers in 2021.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Instagram followers

Combine a List of Reputable Suppliers

In recent years, Instagram has more optimized and updated algorithms that help combat practices that might go against their terms of service. This means Instagram can detect bots and fake accounts much better, leading to the banning of accounts. Suppliers that use bots and fake accounts to sell Instagram followers will not enrich your account, and if you're unlucky, they might get you banned.

Reputable suppliers are key in getting Instagram followers as they supply quality followers that won’t harm your account. To help you save time, we’ll be suggesting three of the best sites to you below to make your search easier.

Select Your Plan

Instagram followers’ sellers often have different plans depending on what your needs are. You should carefully take time out to check each of them and see what they offer. The two common boosting plans are buying bulk followers or subscribing to a drip where you receive a certain number of followers monthly. The drip plan usually costs more money but also guarantees fresh followers consistently.

If you decide to get bulk followers, this is usually more sudden because you instantly get many followers. The main downside to this method is that it could draw attention from Instagram's algorithm because of how fast you gain followers. Buying bulk followers is far cheaper than the drip, and regardless of the plan, it is important to show restraint, so your account is secure.

Input the Relevant Details

After you have selected the plan to follow, you’ll need to supply them with some information they need to process your deal. The basic information should typically include your username and link to the page that you want to increase the followers.

You should take great care in making sure all the details supplied are correct, and if any website or provider asks for your password, stay away from them. Asking for your password might mean phishing which goes against Instagram's terms and conditions.

Complete the Deal

The last stage is usually where you have to pay for the plan you have selected. Most companies provide several payment options include credit cards or debit cards and online wallets like PayPal. Depending on what is stated on their website, you should see a change on your Instagram in 24 – 72 hours.

What You Should Watch Out for When Buying Instagram followers

Here are a few tips you should watch out for when buying Instagram followers on any website. Failure to keep to them might result in account suspension or stagnant growth.

  • Stay constrained to your budget, and don't go overboard with buying followers.

  • Don't focus solely on buying followers to increase your base; you also need to keep producing and producing content for your page.

  • Stay away from services that use third-party apps to increase your followers, as Instagram might suspend your account.

  • Do not give your account password or other personal details under any circumstances.

  • Stay away from packages that seem too cheap or too good to be true, as these followers will probably not engage with your posts.

  • Focus on getting quality followers to your account over large volumes of followers as engagement is key.

Top Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Check out the top three websites to buy Instagram followers from our research.


Twicsy uses traditional growth tactics to build your account and grow your follower count steadily. You can increase your follower count, engagement and cut through all the stagnant followers when you buy Instagram likes and followers from Twicsy. They even offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on all their plans so you can reduce your risk if you’re not satisfied.

The registration page is very simple to understand, and they offer two unique plans for targeting your intended audience. Their targeted system allows you to focus on your intended audience through demographics like gender and location.


Buzzoid uses a unique method to increase your Instagram followers even with Instagram's new tight policies guiding accounts. Unlike many other services out there that promise organic followers, Buzzoid follows through. You will get real followers on your account that will also engage with your posts and content instead of bots.

Their method is just getting a couple of Instagram pages or posts that are consistent with the industry or market you are targeting. They use their proven methods to target similar profiles on Instagram by following them, viewing their stories, and liking them. This way, when you buy Instagram followers from Buzzoid, you’re guaranteed to get only the best quality followers involved with your target community that are relevant.

In addition to delivering quality followers to their clients, affordability and quick customer service are at the forefront of their operations. has been around for a long time, and they have constantly evolved their services to fit with the times. Their service is wholly dedicated to Instagram, and they do not handle any other social media networks, making them experts in the field. uses custom tools that eliminate any occurrences of ghost accounts or bots from your followers. You can give them a detailed target audience down to country and gender to pinpoint relevant accounts that you need. You start to see changes mere minutes after registering with them, and you can customize their services tailor-fitted to suit you.


There you have it! This should get you started on increasing your Instagram followers. It is important to understand what you want before selecting a service. Some would prefer a short-term boost, while others will greatly benefit from a sustainable service that consistently gives them a follower boost.

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